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The Color of Attraction

No description

Stephanie Siow

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The Color of Attraction

The Color of Attraction
The most attractive color worn by women is...
According to 65 students and faculty at Le Jardin Academy...

By: Stephanie Siow
According to several studies done by "color experts" ...

Women like men who wear the color blue.
Someone who's perfect for a long term relationship
Men like women who wear pink.
Gives person a "healthy glow"
Very flattering on most skin tones
Vulnerable-which brings out the protectiveness of men.
My Response
Conduct a survey on the most attractive colors worn on the opposite gender.
The most attractive color worn by men is...
67% of girls chose black!
"It's my favorite color."
"It's not flashy."
"Versatile and looks good on any skin tone."
"Makes the man look dark and mysterious."
"Accentuates a man's masculinity."
"Makes them look hunky and dreamy."
Hunky and dreamy, huh?
(from all different age groups)
28% of boys chose black!

"Classy, elegant."
"My wife looks beautiful in black."
"I don't know, but they have sayings about it so it must be true." -David Cote
"Dark and mysterious."
"It usually is associated with the dark (sexual attraction), or with a boss' suit (physical/mental attraction). The same can be said for red, but black is more common. For example, lingerie is usually in black or red, where as business suits are usually in black. It is a type of marketing so as to make a woman look as attractive as possible in any situation."
The different ages that responded to the survey
Not many guys cared enough to answer my survey so... somewhat unreliable results.
The End~
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