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ProZorro Open Belgium

No description

Eugene Bilyk

on 9 March 2018

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Transcript of ProZorro Open Belgium

in the EU

Open data in ProZorro
ProZorro timeline
Open data to monitor public procurement: ProZorro system in Ukraine
in Ukraine
Ukraine - 30 points

Belgium - 75 points
CPI 2017
March 2014
Voluntary initiative of business & NGO
September 2014
Final concept of the system & consolidation of project team
February 2015
Launch of MVP
April 2015
Project team members become public officials
May 2015
Pilot with
Ministry of Defense
December 2015
New law on public procurement is adopted
August 2016
ProZorro goes national
2-layer architecture
Central database

Key stats 2017
Spent ~USD 18 bln

125k participants
2,3 offers per tender
Avg. savings 8,2%

Around 900k lots
Public API
Auctions in real time

24 CSOs work via DoZorro
44 risk indicators
5 000+ appeals sent to controlling bodies
10 000+ complaints left by tender participants
2 semi-annual monitoring reports published
Key results
Data fields completed by hand
Integration of analytical tools
Coverage of post-tender stage
Thank you!
Ievgen Bilyk
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