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upSCALE MIM version

No description

Karin Källander

on 30 May 2018

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Transcript of upSCALE MIM version



Mozambique Ministry of Health,
Cabo Delgado and Inhambane Provincial Health Authorities, UNICEF and Dimagi
Develop mobile app with a patient centred decision tree for the whole APE curriculum.

Implement the APE mHealth system in Inhambane and Cabo Delgado provinces, with Zambézia to follow in 2018.

Bridge the APE CommCare server with SISMA (DHIS2).

Design a visual DHIS2 APE dashboard to be used at district, provincial and national levels for use in surveillance and programme response.

Develop and implement an application for APE supervisors, with tools for management of APE stocks and performance.

Transition the management and maintenance to the Ministry of Health staff
Community health workers in Mozambique are known as
Agentes Polivalentes Elementares

APEs are community members trained to provide basic healthcare to the remote areas in which they live. Including:

health promotion
integrated community case management (iCCM) (2-59months)
diagnose and treat all age groups for malaria and diarrhoea
diagnose and refer sick adults, acute malnutrition, newborns, and pregnant women with danger signs.

In 2014, the services APEs provide were expanded to include:

family planning
antenatal care and post-partum care
TB and HIV patient follow-up for treatment adherence counseling.
CHWs in Mozambique
BMGF funded project to Malaria Consortium 2009-2016

RCT evaluating impact of mHealth on quality of care

The APE CommCare intervention increased:
appropriate treatment of sick children
retention of CHWs
communication between CHWs and supervisors

Implemented in 6 of 12 districts in Inhambane

Algorithm mainly focused on the sick child

Did not improve CHW drug supply
Building on inSCALE
Tablets with app for health facility based APE supervisors

System provides free communication between APE peers and supervisors
Still to be added
Family planning
Supervisor suite
DHIS2 bridge
Next steps
Finalise the indicator list together with each MISAU dept

Coordinating with other partners for interoperability with other systems such as SIGLUS, CRVS, IMISS etc

Conducting robust health systems research on the cost and effectiveness of the mHealth system

Strengthening district capacity to deliver health services using real time data for decision making
Household health indicators, including bed net use
upSCALE implementation areas
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