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Smart Power. Smart Light.

No description

Paul Savage

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Smart Power. Smart Light.

Smart Power. Smart Light.
Made in Detroit.

Smart Power. Smart Light.
The Smart America Challenge
Chrysler House
Why Bedrock Real Estate Needs Smart Power & Smart Light
Traditional AC Lighting
High installation costs
High power costs
Short lamp lifespan
Not easily reconfigurable
Not optimized for alternative energy use
No intelligent management system
Faster & more flexible lighting configuration
Lower operating costs
User & Building Management System-friendly
Why it's Smart for Detroit
Why it's Smart for Everyone
Fluorescent vs. Toggled LED
Operational Costs
Installed Costs Comparison
By Paul Savage, CEO Nextek
18.3 watts
50,000 hour lifetime

32 watts
24,000 hour lifetime
More light per watt

LED tubes lasts longer, costs less (ROI <2y), and use no Mercury
Overall 10-40% lower power consumption and lighting cost
Low Voltage Electrical Contractor
These systems install dramatically faster
10-40% reduced power consumption
Greater controls functionality
More flexible
Safer workplace
Lower carbon footprint
Job Creation
Detroit Revitalization
Leverages local talent in software, design and engineering to manufacture advanced technologies in Detroit that can supply building owners all over the world.
Over the next 3-5 years:
$15 million in manufacturing activity
$5 million in wages in Detroit

Lower energy consumption
More flexible
Lower operating costs
New job opportunities
New vistas in IP development
More resilient, secure infrastructure
Installation Time
Labor Cost
Controls Cost
DC Microgrid
AC Traditional
Uniquely Solar-Ready
15-20% higher integrated efficiency than AC inverters
Lower installed costs
Uses Patented Direct Coupling® technology
Cyber-Physical System
Integrated occupancy and daylight sensors
Seamless remote and BMS control capability
Precise sensing & control = more savings
More efficient AC-DC power conversion
More efficient DC-DC power conversion
Smart controls = more efficient power consumption
The Paper Gateway
Lighting Controls
Lighting Information
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