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No description

Cherine Tsang

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of EAPP_Smartphone

Apps can be professional
AO Surgery Reference
Uneasy to prepare when:
1. Patient show tolerance at specific opioid
2. Change from one drug to another
3. Having a group of different analgesic / opioid

eOpioid: equianalgesic can be calculated!
Replace the old method: drug conversion by weighting

Prevent overdose minimize the effect of analgesic

Class: 88240-02-72

Tiger Cheng (10554648)
San Luk (10548960)
Candy Tang (10555279)
Cherine Tsang (10555671)
Livia Yip (10556246)
Smartphone Apps: Our Health Helper
HKU SPACE Community College
English for Academic and
Professional Purposes Part I

Assignment 3
Has anyone installed any
Health apps in your smartphone?
According to Pew Research Center, until February 2012,
of the American adults own a smartphone.

Inevitable electronic gadget
Functional applications
Its advantages of convenience and portability
Becoming a trend
Thank you for your attention!
Tendency of using smartphone

Tactics for promotion at any time in everywhere

Good for their lives presently & future

Educators can learn to use & apply on their lessons
Useful and helpful in a massive class
How smartphone apps
helpful to students?
Text, pictures, video and recordings

Can be played and shown by using computer equipment

Teachers give proper instructions and demonstrations on lessons

e.g. YOGA Free: 200 Poses & Yoga Classes
Other students follow the teaching by smartphone apps

Instructors can take care those pupils who seek helps
Teach them how to use

Promote those health apps &
healthy lifestyle

“Free” is an incentive factor

Encourage pupils to conduct more health and physical activities
outside school
Distance and GPS Apps
Fitness Apps
Diet and Weight Management Apps

Calculating distance, time and average pace

Store workout history

Give encouraging comment

e.g iMapMyRUN, Endmondo sports Tracker

Suggestion : prepare back up battery
Goal : muscle toning or bodybuilding

Ranging from beginner to advanced

Provide additional information

e.g Fitness buddy and Jefit

Suggestion : set up the apps thoroughly
Collect pertinent data e.g. clinical records, fluid data, vital signs.
Provide nutritional information

Make healthy choices and monitor caloric intake

e.g Fast Food Calorie Lookup

Suggestion : be a knowledgeable user
Will soon become an essential component of hospital operations

Have demonstrated an increased use of PDAs and other mobile devices in healthcare settings.

Have larger capabilities than personal digital assistants (PDAs)

Apps aid surgeons and trainee have a quick reference
With the use of 3D animation
The complicated medical knowledge can be easily understood

Acting as a educational tool!
Also a tricky tool to change some
-ve situation to become more +ve way
Smartphone apps help oncologist to solve their present problems
Appeal of apps in medical settings
Some useful apps to surgeons
Intuitive and interactive interface
It allows for
BUT actually:
People normally think the usage of smart phone apps:
Object: To raise the awareness of the public towards smartphone technology on health aspect.
Dosage Calculation of analgesic / opioid
Breaking the news of having cancer
Learning points
Written Report
1. Citation
2. Summarizing and paraphrasing skills

1. Time management
2. Organization
(Lots of aspects and main points are need to
be linked)

Source finding
1. Well use of online database
Provide functions
E.g. word processing &

Access to the Internet and e-mail.
Health apps : convenient, helpful,
problem solving
contribute in different areas

By effective promotion and education :
Increase the popularity
Enhance understanding of the various usages
More supports and resources can be gained
Enhance the public health by using this ‘little helper’
Hope that the government and schools can take on their responsibility
Apps are
to surgeons
Opinion:Apps’ utility

The prevalence of apps increases
The quality and quantity of useful apps increase
for providers at
For trainee and surgeons organizes the treatment
using intuitive and interactive interface
Help users to

long-bone fractures
Serves as a useful apps for anyone taking trauma call
AO Classification
Become useful and support the nursing workflow.
Beneficial to nurses for tasks
Documenting vital signs
Viewing lab values
Retrieving procedures
Viewing medications
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