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ADV 1 1.1 - Page 138

No description

walisson wildfire

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of ADV 1 1.1 - Page 138

Stop, remember, forget, and try.
Advanced 1 - page 138
Stopped to buy
some meat for dinner.
I stopped at the store in order to buy meat.
Only use try +
when the meaning is " to experiment with something. "When the meaning is "to attempt with something", Use the infinitive.
I've been
trying to be
nicer to my little sister.
stopped buying
meat when I became vegetarian.
I no longer buy meat.

remembered to call
daddy on his birthday.
I didn't forget to call dad.
I'm sure I talked to dad last week, but I don't even
remember calling
I don't have a memory of the fact that I called dad.
I sometimes
forget to call
my parents to say I'll be late.
I don't always remember to call my parents
never forget calling
my parents to say I was getting married. They were so thrilled!
I remember clearly calling my parents
trying to concentrate
, please be quiet.
I'm attempting to concentrate.
I experimented with writing down new words
tried writing
down new words, but still couldn't remember them.
Only use forget +
to remember the past. otherwise, use the infinitive.
I sometimes forget to set the alarm, and then I'm late to school.
Good Job!
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