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Cultural Summit 2014 - City Update

City Update presented at the Inaugural Cultural Summit on November 19, 2014 at the Arts Resource Centre, Oshawa, Ontario

Catherine Richards

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Cultural Summit 2014 - City Update

Cultural Summit 2014
Culture Counts - Strategic Directions
Broaden and Evolve the City's Role in Arts, Culture and Heritage
Cultural Development Coordinator staff position

Membership with the Creative Cities Network of Canada

Process for recruitment of a Cross-sectoral leadership
group, Cultural Leadership Council, implemented

Interdepartmental staff team

Letter submitted to Provincial Government requesting that development charges be used to support cultural development

Public Art Survey created and data collection occurring until December 31, 2014

Civic Square activated via Culture2
Increase and Strengthen Communication within and about the Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector
Inaugural Cultural Summit implemented

Cultural community included in Parks, Recreation, Library and Culture Facility Needs Assessment

Oshawa's Cultural Map launched

Cultural portal created on City of Oshawa website

Culture Counts eNewsletter

Culture Counts Blog
Build a strong, Vital and Connected Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector
Provide Access and Promote Inclusion in Oshawa's Cultural Life
Culture in Oshawa by the Numbers

555 listings and assets identified in Oshawa's Cultural Map
13 municipal cultural heritage designations

7 festivals, events and celebrations organized by the City of Oshawa

13 festivals, events and celebrations that the City of Oshawa partnered with (e.g. via Partnership Grant)
7 organizations participated in ArtsVest program
Application to ArtsVest submitted, successfully secured $29,800 in funding for 7 local cultural organizations to partner with local businesses

Arts Resource Centre held Open House for Culture Days

Doors Open Event strengthened via support from Corporate Communications and Planning Staff to assist Heritage Oshawa

E-Communication campaign implemented to celebrate McLaughlin Day
How you can get involved...
Apply to Culture Leadership Council

Complete the Public Art Survey

Sign up to receive the Culture Counts eNewsletter

Submit an idea or article for the Culture Counts Blog and/ or eNewsletter

Get on the Map! Oshawa's Cultural Map

Attend the Culture Focus Group - Nov. 26
Grow Culture-Led Economic Development
Plan 20Twenty Downtown approved

Creative Minds Events - Lectures20

Tourism E-campaigns, under #AmazingOshawa and #CultureCountsOshawa, implemented
Cultural Leadership Council established

Public Art Policy

Culture Forums

City-wide collaboration for Culture Days

Continuation of Culture2

Communications Plan and Social Media Strategy - Facebook and Twitter

Pan Am Games
Priority Action Items - 2015
City Update

Background to
Culture Counts - Oshawa's Arts, Culture and Heritage Plan

Process and Plan Development
Community Engagement and Approval

6 Strategic Directions and Achievements to date

Culture in Oshawa by the Numbers

2015 Priorities

How you can get involved

26 sites participated in Doors Open 2014
Over 330 children, youth and adults registered for City-run arts, cultural and heritage programs
Achievements to Date
Achievements to Date
Achievements to Date
Achievements to Date
Achievements to Date

Broaden and Evolve the City's Role in Arts, Culture and Heritage

Grow Culture-Led Economic Development

Increase and Strengthen Communication within and about the Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector

Build a Strong, Vital and Connected Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector

Create Vibrant Places and Spaces

Provide Access and Promote Inclusion in Oshawa's Cultural Life
Create Vibrant Places and Spaces
Contact Us!
Questions and Comments
Thank you for attending!

Welcome - Inaugural Cultural Summit
5:30 p.m. - Open House

6:00 p.m. - Welcome & Remarks

6:20 p.m. - City Update on Culture Counts

7:00 p.m. - Break

7:30 p.m - Community Presentations

Cultural Leadership Council -
Terms of Reference
Terms of Reference

Application Form
Current Project -
Cultural Leadership Council
• To align resources across the public, private and voluntary sectors to implement Culture Counts and ongoing cultural development in Oshawa.

• To partner, with the City of Oshawa, on the implementation of various actions in Culture Counts and to act as the lead and co-lead on specific strategies and action items.

- minimum of 21, maximum 28 members

Standing Members
- City-funded external agencies (Parkwood Estate NHS, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa Community Museum, Oshawa Public Libraries, Oshawa Seniors Citizens Centres)
- Public Post-secondary education institutions (Durham College, Trent University, University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
- City of Oshawa

Appointed Members (Require Application)
Cultural organizations
Creative industries
Business Communities
Citizen members
Individual artists – all disciplines
Youth Representative : age 14-17
Youth Representative: age 18-25

55 volunteers assisted with City-run recreation and culture programs and events that accumulated to over 600 volunteer hours
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