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Fire Prevention w/ FF FLASH

No description

David Brasells

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Fire Prevention w/ FF FLASH

If you do not have a small step ladder to check your smoke alarm, you can use a yard stick or a broom handle. Touch the test button until it BEEPS, then let go and the smoke alarm will reset. Don't forget to change the batteries twice a year; in the spring and fall when your parents change your clocks!
Did you know you need two ways out of every room in your home?

Get with your family,draw your plan and then practice it!
When you hear your smoke alarm or if you smell smoke, be sure to crawl low under smoke. Smoke is poison! Do not breath it! Remember, once you get out, STAY OUT! Do not go back to call 9-1-1 or get your pets! Let Firefighter FLASH and his buddies rescue your pets!
We welcome you to follow Firefighter FLASH through his fire prevention coloring book! Firefighter FLASH wants you to be fire safe and help your family know what to do in the event of a fire!
fire prevention with FF flash
9-1-1 is only for true emergencies; when life and property are in danger!
Call 615-862-8600 for non-emergency situations.
Smoke Alarms need to be REPLACED after 10 Years of Service!
Once you get out and stay out, you can call 9-1-1 from your neighbor's home. Then head to your safe meeting place, so it can be confirmed that everyone is out and safe!
If we all spread the word on fire safety, we can decrease injury and death from home fires! Thank you for learning with Firefigher FLASH! Be sure to go home and share what you learned with your family!
Use FLASH's checklist to make sure you cover all your bases! Below is a video about Tools vs. Toys and candle safety! Thank you for watching!
"It is a great thing and what I hit on most as we go over each page is the one with the children outside of the house. I really stress, once you are out. STAY OUT. Toys can be replaced, even pets, but they can’t be. If they think people are in the house, Let the firefighters who are trained, do their job. We talk about the equipment the firefighters wear to protect themselves when they go in a building and the fact that boys and girls don’t have those things. The second thing I stress is an evacuation plan and talk about Trace Adkins family who had a plan and a meeting place already practiced. When his house was a total loss, they all were safe. Thanks for the good job you do." JR
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