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The Enginerds

No description

Darin Gray

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of The Enginerds

Overcoming the Challenges
Redesigning the ROV
Treads to wheels
Tape on wheels
Effective use of communication among special groups
Flexibility among special groups.
Conservative use of materials by planning what we would use and where we would use it.
The Enginerds Week II
Keeping it simple and stupid since 2 weeks ago
What are we doing?
Our parameters
The Process
Bridge Building
Some challenges we faced
Civil and Mechanical
Our lessons Lived
and what we will do next time
The Bridge
15 of wood boards
15 glue sticks
144 of wood poles
The Car
7.5 inches wide
Holds 3 bricks
Ez-e turning

Keep other groups informed about changes to project.
Stay with an Idea (Mk. VI)
Caution with materials (fingerprint removal)
Gluing pieces together
Not gluing our fingers
Cutting things to the right length
Cutting wood, not our fingers
Robot design
Getting it the right size
Fixing turning problems
Finding the right parts
Our Plan of Action
Robot Building
The Bridge
An Arch bridge
X Shape trusses
15'' wide
36" wide
24" at highest point
Sydney, Tad, James
The Car
Tread design
Isaac, Aydan
Decide on a wheel type (Tank Tread)

Build a gear train

Connect gear train to faceplate

Connect to a bed for the bricks

Redesign to accommodate bridge
Design a bridge on Bridge Builder 2015

Scale model of bridge

Build full-size deck

Build walls and ceiling

Reinforce deck

Add legs to the deck
This isn't ours, we just made it
The Final Robot
Quantifying forces on beams.
Good Bridge Designs
Architecture Seminar
Recap on Civil Engineering
Stress and Strain on our beams
Before Building
West point Simulator
Choosing in between designs
Tube Car
Simple grasp of how cars work
Inspiration for real ROV
Lack of Constant Communication
As changes were made to a design, the other team was not updated on these changes.
Effective use of Materials
Making sure we would not run out of materials
Not sustaining injuries. (Cuts, specifically burns)
An example of shear on balsa wood
Less burns
Maintain team performance
Inform each other more
Time lapse Pt I
How Would we Start our Project Differently
FBD for a Simple truss bridge
Presented by: Sydney, James, Isaac, Tad and Aydan
Successful integration of right triangle trusses
Triangle supports
Economic use of Planks
Very strong
Combining materials to minimize enacting forces.
Overall teamwork
More open to others ideas
More communication
Do more Research
More designs and brainstorming
We got lucky
The Schematics
Our Materials
Limited supply
High compression values
Pic Creds: Collin
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