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Macbeth & Son - Year 7 Class Assignment

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Aidan Butterfield

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Macbeth & Son - Year 7 Class Assignment

Compare the life of a Moramer in the 11th Century vs A modern Minister. Macbeth and Son - Class Assignment Compare the life of a 11th century boy from Alba to a modern day boy. There is a mormaer, and once the mormaer dies, his son becomes elected, but if he is too young (like Lulach is in the book) the wife is elected. Women are allowed to stand for election, but it is very uncommon that they succeed. She can decline though, which is what Lulach's mother did. The next person in line is the cousin, so Lulach's mother went and married her husband's cousin, and he then became the Mormaer of Moray. In modern day society, a president/prime minister is elected by the people (more commonly known as a democracy). But in England, there is a Royal Family, and once the queen dies, either her brother or son becomes the King. Process of being elected The two lifestyles of a modern day king and a mormaer are very different. A mormaer would sit in his home on his throne, making allies, thinking about war, protecting his people, whereas now, modern day leaders are too busy focusing on taking their oppositions out of the running for their job and other things alike. A modern day lifestyle for a leader would include sitting in their fancy office with lots of paper work, occasionally going out and meeting with the people that they lead. They are both similar in the way that they both enjoy superb luxuries. Lifestyles Responsibilities are much the same. A moramer in the 11th century looked after his people, made laws, fought wars and made allies. They were second in charge apart from the King. They took orders from the high king, which Macbeth eventually came. Modern leaders do pretty much the same thing, except they enforce taxes and aren't the sort of person you look up to. There are also more leaders. There is a minister for Finance, defence, education and so-on, not jsut one person. Lulach thought his stepdad was a hero and a great man/leader. They were an example for the other people. Responsibilities By Aidan Butterfield Dress/Clothing Men in the 11th century went out and killed land animals like chicken and also went out and killed fish and cooked them. The men higher up like Macbeth would have great feasts with many foods to eat, but lower down in the pecking order, people would eat things like seaweed stew, as Lulach did when he wasn't an important figure anymore. Things like venison stews were a great treat back in those days. Now days leaders and men eat things like pizza and pasta, chicken, pies that are farmed. Fast foods are also an option for a quick meal. Barack Obama's favourite food is pumpkin pie. Diet Some challenges a mormaer is likely to face includes enemy provinces coming to attack to take his land, winters, shortage of food, other men trying to kill him to take his position and other decisions for his people alike. A modern day leader is almost the same, they have to make allies with other countries, keep a watch over their people and make sure everything is running smoothly. Countries like America and England would have to watch out for assasination attempts more than other countries like New Zealand would. Challenges likely to face The only way a mormaer or king gets kicked out of office is if they die. This is why there were lots of assasinations back in those days. Kings and Mormaer's also went to war, so there was a chance that they would die there aswell. A relative is then given his position, or if it is like what happens when a king dies in Alba, another mormaer from a different province would be elected. For a modern day president, they have a 3 year term in office, and once that is up a re-election occurs where the current government vs the opposition government, and the people vote for who they want to lead. Process of Retirement/End of Office A mormaer wore silk and fur coats more commonly with red and gold embroidery. The kings and mormaer's fought in wars, so they would also wear armour and things alike occassionally. Wool was a very common material. Normal men also wore an outer garment called kyrtill made with wool and constructed complicated patterns. Poor kids wore rags and tattered clothes. Leaders now wear suits with ties and trousers. Part Two Responsibilities Lifestyles Dress/Clothing Diet Challenges likely to face Opportunities likely to lay ahead In the 11th century, boys would stay with their mothers and help their mothers around the house when they were young, but once they are 12 years old they have to sign up for war and fight with and for their province. Many boys that were younger lied about their age to fight, or some didnt even know what it was. There was no school in that time. Now modern day boys dont have anywhere near the amount of responsibilities that they had. We have to look after our stuff and go to school. 'If Duncan died in battle' continued Thorfinn, 'you could be elected high king'. 'Lies killed Macbeth.' 'Lulach stretched out his sickle and cut another armful of grain. Normally only women cut the barley.' 'But already the men had marched away to war again.' 'Venison'. 'His lordship had a good hunt last night.' 'Lulach's tummy rumbled. Something smelled good today. Better than seaweed stew. 'Out from the houses, down from the hill, people ran towards them - men in ragged leggings, women with tattered skirts. 'Where's Thorfinn's house?' said Lulach. 'Over there. You'd see it if it wasnt for sleet. It's a grand place.' 'The king was dead. It was time to elect another.' 'Food was too precious to be wasted'. 'Hungry children with fingers blue, feet bound up in rags'. Poor kids in the 11th century would wear things that are on the verge of being called clothes. They would be wearing rags and things like cloths. Boys now are dressed well. They wear casual shirts, pants, and have different types of clothes for different types of occasions. In page 29 of the book, Lulach's father has just died and Moray is in trouble. There food was short and lots of people were almost on the verge of starvation. They didn't have much food and they were very poor. You would live in pretty much a hut and you would only have good food every once in a while. Now days, kids live good lives. They have a good, solid education which boys didn't have back then, we are fed well, and live in good houses. We have good clothes and generally are well kept. I would say it is more enjoyable to live a lifestyle like a modern day boy over a lifestyle of a 11 century boy. "Megan, open a couple of cans or soup will you? You must all be starved. Pat, stick some wood on the fire." "George, as Mr Fisher came in behind them 'mail's on the table'. Luke began to set the table. A boy that lived in the 11th century would have to face challenges like, helping around the house and doing women's chores. Boys in modern day face challenges like focusing in school, eating healthy and keeping fit. You face challenges in every aspect of life, so the difference between these two boys would be minimal at best. 'Hey did you finish reading Macbeth?' ''You're going to have to help me with my talk.'' 'No way!' ''Swap you the washing up for a week.'' In the olden days, boys didn't have much opportunity. If they weren't apart of the royal family, or had a chance to become king. For example, Knut in the monastry. Boys either helped around the house with their Mum until they were old enough to enlist into the war, which is were most of them died. Now days boys go through the education system, then go to education and then get to choose what area of working they would like to go into and study. For example: Media. You then finish the course, get a degree and you are able to work in that profession. Lulach had his own guard now too, and his own equery - his old foster brother Knut who had left the monastry the year before to join him.
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