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ESL Conversation Strategies

No description

Heidi Wagner Nottberg

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of ESL Conversation Strategies

ESL Conversation Strategies
Ask Follow Up Questions
Key phrases


Use Question Words
Continue a conversation by using question words and ask open-ended questions.

Be Active

Maintain a good equilibrium of comments and questions.
Don't wait for someone else
to get the conversation going.

Try to make everyone speak equally much through
asking questions or through listening more if you are very active in the conversation.
A:Why do you think the wolf ate
Little Red Riding Hood?

B: Maybe he was hungry? But on the other hand he first swallowed grandmother so he shouldn't be that
hungry... How much meat do wolves have to eat to get satisfied?
Connect your answer to what you have read, heard or seen.
A: I have heard that a hungry wolf can eat up to 11 kg of meat on one occasion. However in the text it says that "...Little Red Riding Hood did not know what a wicked creature he was..." So maybe he wasn't just hungry, wolves are known to be cruel.
Use quotes from the text or refer to what you saw or heard.
Connect your answer to yourself and give examples
When my grandmother was ill me and my father helped her to mow the lawn and we also went shopping for groceries.
Connect your answer to the surrounding world
Wolves are often seen as wicked and cruel.
I think it's unfair of the Grimm brothers to
describe them in that way, they are not pets
-they are wild animals. Instincts and to be
wicked is not the same thing.
When you don't know how to express something in English
Try to explain what you mean
Try to find a synonym
Use your body language
Use key phrases
I'd like to point out...
It's generally accepted that...
As I see it...
More on group discussions


Phrases for conversation


Connect your answer to what other people have said- that shows that you have understood the conversation
I agree with you on that. Wolves have a bad reputation due to fairy tales, old stories and werewolves in films. People are scared of wolves
and don't want them close to their homes.
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