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Healthy Business, Healthy Lives: Promoting the sexual health

No description

on 10 February 2018

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Transcript of Healthy Business, Healthy Lives: Promoting the sexual health

Healthy Business, Healthy Lives: Promoting the sexual health of young people in Greater Kibaale, Uganda
Interviews & FGDs

Content analysis of mobile tablet

Hypothetical activities

Messages about sexual health received by young people in Greater Kibaale

Unique features of the HBHL initiative
Lived realities of young people in Greater Kibaale
Implementing organisations should...
Healthy Business, Healthy Lives Initiative
Main findings
Limited dialogue
about sexual health with parents and teachers

Age-based norms
and resulting
secretive activity

Prevailing view that
under 18s cannot access condoms

Healthy Entrepreneurs occupy
unique position as friends and confidants
for young people

Practical information
on mobile tablet

Overarching discourse of
Main conclusions
Service provided by Healthy Entrepreneurs an
for people in resource poor area

Healthy Entrepreneurs are providing young people with
information and support

norms and values
prevent the creation of a health-enabling environment

Small scale
of HBHL initiative prevents creation of health-enabling environment on multiple levels
How does the Healthy Business, Healthy Lives initiative create a
health-enabling environment
for addressing the
SRHR-related risks and vulnerabilities
of young people in Greater Kibaale, Uganda?


Research Question
In association with...
Conceptual Scheme
refresher training
for Healthy Entrepreneurs
2) Review educational modules with
input of young people
3) Support Healthy Entrepreneurs to
reflect upon the messages they are emphasising

4) Incorporate information about
sexual pleasure
and encourage Healthy Entrepreneurs to view young people as
sexual agents
5) Encourage Healthy Entrepreneurs to reinforce the idea that it is
acceptable for under 18s to access condoms

6) Design an additional
educational module specifically for adults
Contact details
Source: www.healthyentrepreneurs.nl
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