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BYO Device for Duncraig SHS

Presentation for parents, students and staff.

Andrew Hill

on 27 November 2018

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Transcript of BYO Device for Duncraig SHS

Technology in education
Bring your own device is an educational resourcing model where the home and the school collaborate in arranging for the student’s 24/7/365 use of their own digital technologies
Software and apps
BYO Device
Purchasing Options
Through Winthrop - details at http://www.duncraigshs.wa.edu.au/schooldevicepolicy.html.php
Organise your own through another vendor. Please remember insurance
Bring the one you have already. Please remember insurance
Tablet accounts
To manage your iPad/Windows10 device you will need to have an online account. This will allow you to add content.
Apple ID or Microsoft account.

iPads need OneDrive or Dropbox
Office 365, PDF markup, cloud storage, image editing, video editing and a web browser.
DSHS will conduct a student technical induction and training session at the start of the year. Covering topics like Connecting to the network, navigating, using software, managing the device and cybersafety.
Go to the DSHS webpage for:
BYOD user agreement
Responsible use of technology
User Guide
Cyber safety
Winthrop Portals
Personalize learning - students are able to choose the type of product they construct to demonstrate their understanding.
Education Research

Notes can be kept in one spot, commented on and available anywhere.
The abundance of apps and access to information on a vast range of topics allows students to pursue areas they are interested in learning about.
Technology is now reasonably priced to act as a 1 to 1, anywhere, anytime learning device.
Brings technology students use in their everyday life into the classroom allowing a high level of interactivity.
There is anywhere, anytime access to current information that contains text, sound, images and interactivity. Information is represented with rich multimedia and data visualisation techniques.
Approximately a 10 hour battery life means the device can be used throughout the entire school day.
Light and portable, easily carried in the school bag and to and from class.
Why have a device?
Online accounts (Onenote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) can be created privately or at school with the students education email account (first.last@student.education.wa.edu.au)
Teaching and Learning is supported by students having their own device
Parent portal - https://pa.duncraigshs.wa.edu.au/
Cyber Safety Presentation Wednesday the 15th Feb 6.30pm
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