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Copy of Newspaper

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Transcript of Copy of Newspaper

Traffic Chaos
State of the Nation
Sport: Tipp reign supreme
Two driverless cars
collide on M100

Monday, December 7, 2025
'What it says on social media'
The Irish Independent-Times
US President Beyonce Knowles confirms visit to Ireland next year
in March, 2026

Minister for Well-Being welcomes progress
Minister quoted this morning
on the
success of the National Youth Strategy 2015-2025

-There are specifics that are altering the nature of the medium and its relationship with its audiences:
- Loss of competition with the industry
- Hypercommercialism
- Convergence
- Evolution of newspaper readership

Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures
1. What role did the newspaper play in American history?
2. What effect did the newspaper have on other media outlets?
3. Are newspapers dying or thriving? Give examples.
4. Explain the effects of convergence on newspapers.
5. Give examples of forms of conglomeration done by newspapers.
Conglomeration: Hypercommercialism, Erosion of the Firewall, and Loss of Mission
Loss of Competition
Poverty and Exclusion
Mental Health
mental health
well being
of young people has improved significantly and the numbers of young people experiencing suicidal ideation is
less than a third of the 2015

Alcohol Consumption
Tipperary hurlers will return to a hero’s welcome in Thurles following their
5-in-a-row All-Ireland win yesterday
Youth work sector stronger than ever
The percentage of young people
at risk of poverty
is now
in 2025

Trends & in Youth Work
• Dramatic decline in competition that has taken 2 forms: loss of competing papers, concentration of ownership
• In 1903, 502 American cities had 2 or more competing dailies, today, fewer than 20 have separate competing papers
• Very few cities can support more than one paper
• Congress attempted to reverse this trend by using the 1907 Newspaper Preservation Act which led to
joint operating agreements
• JOA’s permit a failing paper to merge most aspects of its business with a successful local competitor as long as their editorial and reporting operations remain separate. There are 6 cities that currently have JOAs.
• Editorial diversity became a concern, cities with one newspaper only have one editorial voice.
• We must realize, not all chains run alike. Profit vs. Service

• Due to conglomeration, pressure increased on newspapers to turn a profit. This is made apparent in 3 ways:
o Hypercommercialism: (increasing the amount of advertising & mixing commercial with noncommercial)
o Erasure of distinction between ads & news
o Loss of journalistic mission
• Firstly, Papers use hypercommercialism to sell ad space on front pages (EX: USA Today, New York Times, Orange County Register)
• Secondly, the quest for profits at all costs is eroding the Firewall (barrier between newspapers’ editorial & ad missions)
• PG. 87, Steve, Proctor, a deputy who manages for sports and features at the Baltimore Sun, said “It used to be if you had a newspaper in town you were able to make a steady profit. Now, like so many other things in the world, newspapers are more at the whim of opinions of Wall Street analysts. There’s a lot more pressure to increase the profit margin of the paper, and so that has led to a lot more interplay between newsroom and the business side of the paper.”
o Newspapers are abandoning their traditional mission, to be a journalist for the people. They are meant to find and run the great stories yet have been distracted from doing so. This will cause newspapers to die. They fill their papers will bland features, are now flat and generic, ambitious writing has disappeared.

Convergence with the Internet

• PG. 88, Barron’s online communist Howard Gold said, “A crisis of confidence has combined with a technological revolution and structural economic change to create what can only be described as a perfect storm. Print’s business model is imploding as younger readers turn toward free tabloids and electronic media to get news.”
o Newspapers are failing to fight the storm. This “crisis of confidence” drives owners and their investors to cut out characteristics, such as journalism, that once defined newspapers.
• Only 12% of American newspaper readers between the ages of 10 and 34 years old read the printed paper while the other 79% access newspaper read content online and through mobile devices.
• Internet empowers readers to control and interact with the news, in essence becoming their own editors in chief
• The internet provides more information, more depth, and at a faster speed
o As a result, traditional newspapers are converging

The number of young people drinking
has dropped from 20% in 2015 to
5% in 2025

Modern Technology and Changes in Newspaper Readership

Ireland now has the
2nd lowest
level of
youth unemployment
in Europe at

(in 2012 it was over 31%)

involved in and supported by the youth work sector has risen from
• One in three Americans owns at least one e-reader or tablet and as of 2012 more than half of all U.S. mobile phone owners carried a smartphone
• 56% of tablet and e-readers and 51% of smartphone owners use their devices to read the news
• PG. 90, “There will always be improvements in technology, but it’s hard to beat a lightweight, portable, and high legible, multimedia-driven delivery vehicle. It’s a newspaper amplified.” – American Society of News Editors president Ken Paulson
• 80% of U.S. newspapers make their content available for mobile devices.
o The problem is how to lure young people to read newspapers.
• Some newspapers are now adding specific sections directed toward the younger generation and sometimes have articles written by young people.
• However, altering these sections effect the more serious parts of the paper.
o Stories get shorter causing the depth and detail to erase
• Soft news vs. Hard news: sensational stories that do not serve democratic function of journalism, stories that help citizens to make intelligent decisions and keep up with important issues of today.
• Softening of newspapers raises a media literacy issue
• PG 92 Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate to prefer the latter.”
o Would he write that about today’s newspapers?
- Newspapers help shape our understanding of ourselves and our world and they play in our democratic process

-Who can name five 2016 presidential candidates from either party?

confirmed in
her daily vlog
yesterday that the
has hit

One passenger injured and
has been taken to hospital by drone.

Tailbacks on M50 persist...
The world is a
very different place…
The year is
"While we still have much to do, there has been
great progress in a number of areas including..."
(compared to 39% in 2013)
6.5% youth unemployment
26% in 2015
51% in 2025
In light of the increased investment and strategic vision for the youth work sector, the number of young people
Ireland is a better place
in which to be a young person
in 2025,
but the burning question is...
how did it we make it so?
Welcome to
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