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Take the Plunge: Register for C.A.P.E. Digital Media

No description

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of Take the Plunge: Register for C.A.P.E. Digital Media

Do we have Face to Face classes? - Yes at least once per month.
Are exams electronic too? - All tests, tasks and assignments are submitted electronically as the CXC exam is also electronic.
What are the prerequisites? - Preferably Art and Design/Information Technology. Most importantly though are diligence, creativity and great time management skills.
Examples of Student Work
Frequently Asked Questions
Take the Plunge: Register for C.A.P.E. Digital Media
About the Course
Equipment Needed for Digital Media
Internet Access
Your School Based Assessment S.B.A
Click to enlarge all images
Your S.B.A. is a whopping 60% of your grade.
Your S.B.A is done in teams .
It is comprised of 3 parts.
It requires hours of video shoots, editing , production and creativity.
Click the image to play the audio
Your Online Classroom
Zoe Quinlan's animation
3D Art
3 D Art in progress using Blender
Calvarez Rogers
I hope you will be logging in to your Digital Media Classroom this year!
click image to play
click images to zoom in
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