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General introduction to the EAMT Library

No description

EMTA raamatukogu

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of General introduction to the EAMT Library

General introduction to the EAMT Library
The EAMT library is located in the Tallinn city center at
Tatari 13
Tel +372 6675751

Mo–Fr: 8.45–19.00; Sat: 10.00–15.00; Sun: closed
The library is closed for the summer. Opening hours during national holidays are available on the library website
Opening hours:
The EAMT library is the oldest music library in Estonia. It was founded in 1935. The library has more than
207 000
items at the moment.
The library has an age limit of 16 years for user registration
Library users are registered on the basis of a document with a photo and the personal identification code. When registering, the user must fill out and sign a registration form, obliging to adhere to the rules on the use of the library. Materials are lent on the basis of an
or a
library card
According to the Library Rules you can either lend the materials or use them on site
Audio recordings
The comprehensive
classification system
is available on the library website
In the library you can find :
working places with audio equipment
room with video equipment
digital piano
WiFi everywhere
and a computer class with printing options
self-service copy-machine (for ID-card users) and a scanner
Searching materials please use
the online catalog
ESTER www.ester.ee

and select
NB! Searching musical materials please have a look at the search tips on our library website.
How to find the book
"The Musical Mind"
by John Sloboda?
Use the Open Shelves Guide - you can find the correct shelf very quickly!
Finding the book (score, recording) you need to know the
call number
, which is on the back cover of the book

Browsing the shelves DO NOT walk from one end to the other, but follow the alphabetic layout / the layout of furniture.
If you need help, feel free to ask the

Lending (1)

EAMT academic instructors, Doctoral students and assistants can lend out up to
Terms of borrowing:
2 months,
3 months,
study books
1 semester,
unbound periodicals
2 weeks. The term of borrowing can be extended by a maximum of
2 times
(excl. periodicals).
Lending (2)

Master's students
can lend out up to
Terms of borrowing:
2 months,
3 months,
study books
1 semester,
unbound periodicals
2 weeks.
The term of borrowing can be extended by a maximum
2 times
(excl. periodicals).
Lending (3)

Users from outside the EAMT
can lend out up to
items for
one month.
They are
not permitted
to borrow dictionaries, textbooks, philosophy or art books and elementary and secondary school song books.The term of borrowing can be extended by a maximum
2 times
Hourly lending
for the EAMT members...

... enables to lend out materials, which are, as a rule, intended for on-site use, up to 3 hours:
publications marked with a red sticker,

Materials that are under hourly lending and are borrowed one hour before the closing must be returned
at least a quarter of an hour after the library opens on the next working day
Up to
5 items
can be lent out with the hourly lending service
A fine for delay per each delayed hour for each unreturned item is
0,5 EUR
See you at the library!
The term of borrowing can be extended by a maximum
2 times.
You can renew deadlines yourself at
You can recognize the hourly lending items by the
red sticker
vinyl records and VHS-tapes
composers' collected works
library archive materials
rare sound recordings, books and scores
bound periodicals
Non-lendable materials
0,05 EUR
per day for each unreturned item must be paid for exceeding the term of borrowing
library materials must be replaced with an equivalent, or its market value must be compensated
If a musical score is missing the part of a single instrument, the price of the whole set must be compensated
Users who violate the library rules are liable to lose their borrowing rights
You can use several
in the EAMT
computer network
Using databases please look at the user guide at our website
The Library also has a branch –
EAMT Drama School Library
Drama school library on Toompea, at Toom-Kooli 4, has a great collection of
and video recordings of
theatre productions
and about

theatre books
The use of materials is regulated by the User Guide of the Drama School Library.
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Video recordings
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