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Paraphrasing by D. Dowling

No description

Denise Dowling

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Paraphrasing by D. Dowling

Unit 1: Preparing for an appointment with an academic counselor.
Part 4

Unit: 1
Lesson 1: What is TRANSITION ABOUT?

Lesson 2. What's the difference between classes in Adult Education and the college?

Lesson 3. What is my goal? Confronting obstacles.

Lesson 4: How do I prepare for an appointment with an
academic councelor?

Following a plan and meeting deadlines.

Sharing Source Information Properly
By Denise Dowling
I love ESL
Analyze Problem
Evaluate needs
Identify Questions

Top Questions
What are the differences
in classes
Roberto is a California resident. He wants to take classes at Santa Ana College. He isn't sure if he wants to get a certificate or a degree. Right now he is concerned about money and making a plan. He and his wife both work, and together their income is $30,000. per year. They have one child. Roberto thinks their income is enough to pay their bills, but not enough for the expenses of college. He does not qualify for the California Dream Act because he is a documented resident with a social security number. His teacher told him about a BOG Waiver to pay for units. He doesn't know if the BOG waiver will help him get money for college, or if he qualifies. He also is worried his English is not good enough yet for some classes. He wants to talk to an academic counselor to get more information to help get financial aid and to him make decisions, but he doesn't know what to ask.

1. Read about each person to learn about and analyze their situations.

2. Discuss and evaluate what kind of information and help does each person need from the counselor.

3. Identify which questions will be helpful for each person. In front of each question, mark “N” for Nancy, and/or “R” for Roberto. Some questions may be helpful for both. Also, put a star next to questions that would be helpful for YOU to ask a counselor!

Santa Ana College
English as a Second Language
Transition Issues/
Two Students and their situations
Denise Dowling
Lesson 4: Preparing for an appointment with an academic counselor. Students will categorize questions to match student's needs.






Nancy wants to go to college. She would like to start credit classes at Santa Ana College toward a certificate to be a medical assistant like her friend. Nancy was born in another country, and she came here without legal documents. She does not have a social security number. She went to two years of high school in California, but she stopped going for personal reasons. Now she is finishing her high school at the Adult Education Center at Centennial. Centennial is free, but going to Santa Ana College costs money. She cannot afford to pay for school. The counselor that visited our class said something about the California Dream Act for financial help, but she doesn't know if this will help her get money for college or if she qualifies. She doesn't know what questions to ask or how to get started.
Nancy Roberto
Please help us prepare to talk with a counselor about transition!
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