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Technology & Assessment

No description

Suzanne Wells

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Technology & Assessment

Using Technology to Assess Students
Technology evolves and expands at a rapid pace, but one thing is certain: technology is not going away.
Our students have been surrounded by technology their whole lives and it has become a part of their culture. They are the
Digital Generation.
Electronic Portfolios
There are a number of ways to use electronic portfolios, and they can be adapted based upon the technology available in the classroom. They cut down on the paper trail and enable teachers to provide students with immediate feedback. They also allow teachers to share student work with parents and other interested parties. Watch this short video for information about how one teacher uses blogs as electronic portfolios in a primary classroom.
Blogs as Electronic Portfolios
Student Response Systems
iPads can be used for assessment in many ways. Students can create video presentations, as well as photograph written work or art work. Two apps called
Educreations and ShowMe turn the iPad into a white board and records the student's voice while he demonstrates something on the white board.
The Story Creator app provides students with a way to write stories and share them with others. The Bible Buddies app allows students to create puppet shows based upon Bible stories.

Three Ring is a free app available
for designing electronic portfolios.
Live Binders is a website that
you can use to create
electronic portfolios.
Google Drive, Drop Box, or
Sky Drive can also be used
for electronic portfolios.
Student response systems, also known
as clickers are a fun way to assess students and provide them with immediate feedback. If you are using iPads, Socrative is a free app that enables you to use iPads as clickers.

When teachers use technology to
assess students, they are able to provide students with immediate feedback and use the assessments to make decisions regarding ongoing support and instruction.
When teachers use technology in the classrooms they engage and motivate students. Technology can be used to aid lesson planning, research topics, play games that reinforce skills, and it can also be used for student assessment.
By: Suzanne Wells
Georgetown College
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