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Interactions between milk production, heat stress, and ferti

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Alex Souza

on 1 February 2018

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Transcript of Interactions between milk production, heat stress, and ferti

Interactions between milk production, heat stress & fertility
Alex Souza, DVM PhD
Dairy consultant

Field fertility
Does level of milk production
affect cow's tolerance to heat stress?
Previous research findings
milk production/core body temp
Materials and methods
Recorded core body temperature every 10 min
Conclusions & comments
Local farms:
field fertility & milk prod
Multiparous < 28K milk production
Multiparous >31K milk production
Cows with greater milk production:
- Have greater dry matter intakes
- Have higher metabolism rates
- Lactating cows > body temp than dry
- Greater milk production > body temp

ref: West et al. 2003, Liang et al. 2013
> Milk production = > core body temperatures
Need to cool cows to match their production level...
> Milk cows under heat stress for longer periods
Core body temperature cows in Brazil, US, and Middle East
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