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We Video and You

No description

colleen monahan

on 5 June 2017

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Transcript of We Video and You

What is We Video???
We Video is a web-based, free video editing program.

We Video is able to be connected directly through a student's Google account, with no additional sign up required!

Why We Video?
We Video is a highly engaging tool that helps students to access the standards that teachers are required to teach!
Students are able to process information at a high level on the Depth of Knowledge chart
Students who generally struggle with traditional assignments have a different way to demonstrate their knowledge, and generally do really well
Students access 21st Century Skills and Speaking & Listening requirements of the common core
Ideas: Introduce concepts, science experiments, demo videos, enacting historical events, timelines, pre-recoded reports, public service announcements, biographies, etc
Getting Started with We Video...
Set the purpose for your project: what do you want the outcome to be?

Put in place a LOT of pre-planning tools to ensure students will stay on track.

Record your own videos!

You can use the We Video app on your phone or any device that allows you to capture videos. Beyond the phone, we used an iPad, chrome books, and flip cameras.

How to ensure student success!
Depth of Knowledge Chart
1. Give students ample time and specific guidelines for the project
2. Create your own model video; share with the students as you go over the requirements. I made my sample a 'partially proficient' video, which then gave students room for creativity
3. Designate time for students to conference with you before and after filming.
4. Create a final checklist and ensure students go through and revisit all the requirements of the project!
5. Advise groups to create a WeVideo account that is separate from individual Google-based accounts.
6. Using WeVideo is a skill; doing two different projects throught the year will really have students improve.
7. Have patience! We Video is free...during one period, the entire site shut down. We also had glitches with some of the type not showing up.
You have videos/pictures...now what??

1. Log in to your Google account
2. Type www.wevideo.com into the address bar
a. Log in using Google
3. Upload videos/pictures into your project
a. Save pictures to your computer; click on upload in WeVideo
b. Insert USB into your computer; click on upload in WeVideo
c. In the WeVideo app, drag the videos to the project bar, click the cloud to sync
4. Change your timeline to Advanced
5. Drag media to the main video line
6. Play!
a. Split/Edit your video
b. Add text: Title and Credits
c. Add voice over
d. Add music
7. To save and return: Click on "Untitled Video" change the name and hit save.
8. Publish project. It will show up in your Google Account!

Who I am and background
What is We Video
Background thinking
Create your own video!
Student videos interspersed throughout (brief background of the project)

Sample Video

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