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smART technology

No description

Holly Kincaid

on 10 April 2018

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Transcript of smART technology

smART technology
Technology uses in the art room
Presenting Lesson: Prezi, Powerpoint, Slideshare, Art Project
Technology as an art medium
Digital Portfolios & Assessment
Web Resources : PLN, blogs, sites
Digital Textbooks
Google Docs
Presenting Art
Prezi is a great online tool to build presentations for teachers & students. Sign up with our school email to get an "educator's account"
Technology as Medium
Digital Portfolios
Ipad Art: Using Sketchbookx
Find what works for you and your students.
What do you want to teach & How can technology help the process
From Creation to Assessment there are great ways to add to your program and help promote all you already DO!
Web Resources
- creates free, downloadable QR codes for websites, images, videos
Digital Textbooks
Each student has an account, with a text book and a portfolio
Teachers can create lessons and curriculum from the teacher account.
Free Trial for 30 days, k-12 textbooks
Google's Art Project is a great way to take a virtual field trip:
self portrait
surrealist collage
Other app suggestions:
Artsonia: free online portfolio development
Moodle/ google sites
Padlet: Create interactive boards for students
PLN: twitter #arted #artsed, google+, Facebook: Art Teachers Group
Art 2.0 : http://arted20.ning.com/
Art Ed Blogs
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