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Elemental Movement

No description

Alexander Panagopoulos

on 3 August 2017

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Transcript of Elemental Movement

This element represents the freedom gained through continually exploring and developing your personal movement practices.

Suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. It utilizes mostly soft power.

Range of motion exercises.
Strength and balancing routines.
Basic stretching and joint warm ups.
Train anywhere techniques.

Movement inspired by internal martial arts (XingYi, Tai Chi, BaGua), Yoga, evasion training and Parkour.

To move like air is to move without limitation.
This element represents the stability and strength gained in life through discipline, routine and conditioning.

Suitable for people looking to develop personal strength and conditioning routines.
It utilizes mostly hard power.

Calisthenics and body weight exercises.
Free weight and found weight exercises.
External Martial Arts and football conditioning.
Train anywhere techniques.

Movement inspired by External Martial Arts (Wushu, Grappling, Capoiera...etc),
Football, gymnastics and the playground.

This element represents the dynamic blending of both soft and hard power.

It is in the practices of water that we connect the flow of mind and body through technique and make the movement our own.

Identification of which styles of movement inspire you and suit you best.

Spatial awareness, sensitivity training.
Sensory deprivation practices.
Movement patterns and forms.

- Develop, enhance and explore your own style of movement.

To move like water is to move like yourself.
This element represents the passion, excitement and personal growth ignited by movement training.

The spark of change is fueled and maintained by the training culture we create for ourselves and others.

Fun and functional training designed to remind us all why we love to move.


- Develop your own culture designed to achieve, sustain and reinforce your movement goals.

To move with fire is to move with purpose.

To move like earth is to move with a foundation of strength.

We are not masters, doctors, healers or gurus. We can only show you folks what
works for us. You and you alone are responsible for yourself during this training. Train smart. Rise and Grind.

Our sole intention with this webseries
is to share knowledge and become
stronger by helping lift others up.

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