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Running Start Orientation

No description

Bernita Bontrager

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Running Start Orientation

EvCC Running Start Orientation
Registration & Payment
1. Register for your chosen classes on http://www.everettcc.edu/kiosk,
(use the 4-digit item number to add a class)

2. Pay for your class fees online, you have 5 business days to pay for the fees or the business day before the quarter starts whichever comes first.
you could be dropped for lack of payment.)

Entry Advising
1. Fill out the "Verification Form" with your High School Counselor.
Stay Connected
1. Check your Emails!
(This is the primary way we communicate with RS students!)

2. Follow us on
(EvCC Running Start) &

3. Check into
on the first day of the quarter!

Check us out at http://www.everettcc.edu/runningstart
Mandatory Online Orientation
All EvCC students must complete the mandatory
online orientation,
1. Take a Placement Test -

2. Complete the Running Start Application with your High School Counselor.

Application Process
2. Bring your verification form to the High School Relations Office.

*** Be sure to indicate your EvCC Student ID number and have your HS counselor, a parent, and yourself sign the bottom.
Verification form
3. Submit your application and placement test scores to the High School Relations office in Parks Student Union, 2nd floor.

Fee Waivers
Students on free/reduced lunch or who are foster youth may be eligible for a Running Start Fee Waiver. Fee Waivers can be found on our website
Application Process Continued...
4. Watch your email for your student ID and next steps!
Bernita and Tove, High School Relations
Entry Advising Continued...
3. See a Faculty Advisor in the Counseling, Advising, & Career Center (PSU 3rd Floor) to select your 1st quarter classes.
Registration Access Dates
You will be able to register for classes on your Registration Access Date. This date and time can be found by going to, https://www.ctc.edu/~everet/waci004.html
Important Dates
Make sure to pay attention to the Important Dates Calendar for payment, registration, and add/drop information!
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