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TASS & Coaching Task Force

No description

Ben Roper

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of TASS & Coaching Task Force

Coaching Task Force 2002 What ways can we develop coaches and why? Current Issues in Sport Coaching Task Force & TASS P7 describe three strategies or initiatives which relate to sports participation.
M5 explain three strategies or initiatives which relate to sports participation.
D2 evaluate three strategies or initiatives which relate to sports participation. Developed by the government to look at how to improve 3 areas of coaching with in the UK


Using the handout explain the issue with coach development and describe the issues with employment and deployment

You have 10 mins and be prepared to feedback Also consider that as this is an initiative that will effect participation why is it important we do this? In 4 groups
1. National Coaching certificate would be designed with 5 levels

Level 3 would be significant on this structure and would be implemented by 1 body (Sports Coach UK) 2. Regional Talent Development Coaches & Programmes

10 sports in the 1st instance with a view to expansion upon success Who coaches the coaches...? Overcoming these Issues Recommendations of the report 3. 45 county development coaches 4. Come into Coaching Cost: £1.5 million annually Cost: £18 million over 3 years £1.5 million annually Cost: Potentially free Recruitment drive aiming to get people into coaching Aim to up-skill and develop coaches within the county UKCC is designed to develop people how to coach sports rather than how to coach a specific sport...

In pairs consider the strengths and weaknesses of this In pairs consider this statement The Coaching Task Force Framework has provided a system that recognises coaching as a profession, with accredited qualifications and a real career development structure. If you agree or disagree with this ensure you say why/why not 5 mins Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme Developed in 2003 Unique partnership between talented young athletes, NGB’s and the Higher and Further Education sector.

TASS aims to balance academic life with training and competition as a performance athlete. Why are their issues with balancing education and training at a world class level? Discuss Read the Handout 1. What was the project initially set up to address?
2. Who was it set up by?
3. Where do athletes move to once they achieve success?
4. Consider who the youngest member of the scheme at the time was, does this prove it works?
5. Where else have we seen an issue in the drop off rate? Are these issues at the same level of the sports development continuum? 10 mins funding As you can see we have a number of different funding arrangements (annually, 3 year cycles, free!).

Which programmes do you think are still being funded?

Why? Areas of Government Involvement Discuss Has this change in structure effected you at all? What 3 areas have we looked at the government influencing through policy? What other areas do you think are important to effect? What have we learn't? Name the recommendations of the Coaching Task Force report... What does TASS aim to achieve? Have these initiatives
been successful? Coaching Task Force
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