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Kaity Conn

Teacher Introduction

Kaity Conn

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Kaity Conn

ICT Skills
Activities and Interests
HSIE Teacher
I aim to continue my current study and convert my Postgraduate Certificate into a Masters.
Career Objective
An English and history teaching professional, I have highly developed and pedagogical skills and content knowledge which I would like to devote to a school.
I have demonstrated the adaptability and willingness to be an active contributor to any program or activity being run, as a positive and hardworking member of staff teams.
I have taught across several teaching areas and developed programs targeting gifted and talented students, literacy, Aboriginal students and boys to improve outcomes.
I am looking for a position where I can grow as part of a strong community, developing great relationships that facilitate my contribution to student learning.
Griffith High School

Developed self-directed learning tasks for top achieving students in year 10 history which improved exam outcomes.
Created and delivered differentiated HSIE classes, using the required content as a vehicle for targeted literacy teaching appropriate to lower ability classes in years 8 and 9 using Super Six Strategies. With measurable improvements in comprehension and grammar skills.
Developed lessons and assessment which incorporated the explicit teaching and demonstration of computer literacy and ICT skills as both strategies and outcomes, resulting in cross-curricular improvement in student learning outcomes.
As a UWS staff member, I developed contacts with University of Western Sydney student recruitment programs to benefit Griffith High students; especially Pasifika students.
Tallest Hair, Crazy Hair Day.
Slowest split, in Staff vs Students Relay, Griffith High Swimming Carnival.

English &history teacher
Hay War Memorial High School

Developed assessment, resources, lessons, equity strategies and provided ad hoc professional development to staff for teaching ICT's. This facilitated the integration of explicit digital literacy and ICT skills into programs improving student outcomes.
Taught explicit ICT and Digital Literacy skills, which addressed inequity through isolation, to help students connect with the world and learning beyond the classroom.
Supervised and tutored students in after school Homework Club to address disadvantage due to isolation and economic disadvantage.
Developed lessons which targeted and broke down prejudice, improving social outcomes for Aboriginal students, while teaching Aboriginal perspectives in HSIE.
Developed close links with Aboriginal staff and Community leaders in support of the Aboriginal language program being taught in the school and the PaCE program.
Received a certificate of appreciation for coordinating the Premiers Sporting Challenge.
Created a high quality multimedia presentation for orientation which facilitated student recruitment and built on partnerships with feeder schools.
My instruction prepared two girls to safely and successfully render immediate first aid to their friends and call for help when faced with a serious emergency outside school.

University of Western Sydney
Delivering educational programs to students and prospective students of the University.

Kaity Conn

E: kconn@live.com.au
M: 0467860381

Postgraduate Certificate in Education
Australian Catholic University
December 2015

Relevant Subjects
Career Assessment, Theory and Job Search Advising
* This course qualifies me to teach Careers, providing I complete the course within one year of teaching appointment.
Bachelor of Arts, with the Diploma in Education
Macquarie University
November 2009
Relevant Subjects
Major – English

Major – History; Ancient and Modern.
Specialist area- Australian History

Additional Relevant Areas of University Study
• Primary Education
KLA English
KLA Mathematics
• Psychology
• Sociology
• Justice Studies
• Cultural Studies

Continuous Development
Teaching Approvals
English years 7-12
history years 7-10
ancient history years 11-12
modern history years 7-12
Careers, eligible to teach, approval pending successful completion of course December 2015.
DEC Staff Number: 1210944
Teacher of English & history

Teaching Career Education to current and prospective students of the University.
Creating and delivering educational workshops and lectures to students from a variety of disciplines using technology, implementing activity based learning strategies and differentiating the content to suit the audience.
Developing and administering online learning resources such as blended learning modules, online submissions and requests, developing animated educational clips, designing the content and layout of digital resources, and supporting student learning via distance.
Developing close working relationships with the Units and Schools of learning located, across the multiple campuses of the University, in order to organise guest lectures and workshops and to ensure that educational programs were relevant and accessible for students across all disciplines.
Supporting the organisation and running activities at events for industry partners, staff, stakeholders and dignitaries.
Keeping detailed student records, collecting statistics reported to the Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor regarding operations, programming and engagement.


Developing and delivering career education workshops to Aboriginal year 11 students from the Universities feeder high schools which directly addressed cultural barriers to goal setting and attainment of further education, by utilising connections to family and activity based learning as the main strategies for engagement.
Creating, scheduling and delivering specialised educational programs for targeted groups within the University, addressing student barriers to educational achievement and facilitating successful outcomes for students from minority backgrounds.
Creating and delivering educational activities for students in the Academy program for gifted and talented students.
Coordinating UWS Univative teams and employer liaison with multinational Hilti
Consistently receiving outstanding feedback from students and staff regarding my workshops, lectures, consultations and programming.
Recruited to act as a panel member selecting the next intake of Medical students based on merit and personal suitability for becoming a doctor.
Commenced part time study as a pathway to an Education Masters.

Careers Teacher
April 2014- present
January 2014- April 2014
Teacher of Ancient History, History (Stage 4&5) and Geography (Stage 4&5).


Developing programs, resources, assessment and teaching as the only staff member on ancient history classes.
Used a range of classroom management techniques and differentiated teaching strategies to facilitate the learning of students with learning difficulties, mental illness, behavioural disorders, English as a Second Language and Autism; Gifted and talented students, Aboriginal students and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds.
Developed resources, assessment and lessons utilising the Eight Aboriginal Ways of Learning model and incorporating a variety of Aboriginal perspectives into learning.
Involved in: Shave for a Cure fundraising, Orientation and Prospective Parents nights, Staff Social trips, sporting carnivals and New Scheme Teachers activities.
Providing preliminary report comments and notes for parent teacher interview to Head Teacher before completing contract to ensure appropriate reporting.
Administration, assessment, recording and reporting as required.

April 2013- December 2013
Teacher of History (Stage 4&5), English, Geography (Stage 4&5), life skills English (Stage 5), Careers and PDHPE (Stage 4&5).


Collaborated to teach a compressed curriculum across four faculties, developing strong working relationships with staff and students to support students, achieving improved outcomes.
Collaborated one-on-one with a Highly Accomplished Teacher of literacy to interpret NAPLAN Data and embed National Partnerships Literacy Indicators into English programs.
Supported the school community, temporarily taking on the role of Careers Advisor and established processes support parents of year 12 students.
Integrated principles from the Eight Aboriginal Ways of Learning, Activity Based Learning and Boys Education to develop highly effective programs, assessment, resources and lessons to engage boys, with low literacy from an isolated rural area, in learning (Stage 4). Students achieved improved outcomes in written and practical assessment.
Facilitated and supported Aboriginal student involvement in creating the PaCE Programs film 'Past and Present Stories of Learning' (see link in Selection Criteria Document).
Collaborated with the Welfare Team to support students at risk (suicide risk, under DoCS care, low SES, etc) and to design and implement PBL strategies in the school.

Advanced Windows operating system use
Advanced Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook user
Intermediate Microsoft Excel, OneNote and Access user
Advanced school administration software user
Intermediate to Advanced IWB and data display user
Intermediate user of Powtoon, Adobe Captivate and Prezi to create dynamic presentations and instructionals like the
Intermediate Adobe Photoshop user
Advanced digital camera user
Intermediate video editing skills, creating promotional clips from digital images
Intermediate music cutting and mixing skills, various software

Professional Memberships
Nature walks
Social sports: Badminton, Hockey, Netball, Volleyball and Softball
Gym: Circuit Class, Boxing and Martial Arts
Collecting teapots, tea paraphernalia, clothes and antiquarian books
Paper Crafts: Scrapbooking, Collage, Card Making etc.
Viewing Galleries and historical sites
Theatre/Dance/Opera performance attendance
Appreciating music
Travel: (only in school holidays) with an upcoming trip to Europe for Christmas and plans for volunteer expeditions to deliver professional development to teachers during the July school holidays in Bhutan 2015, then Papua New Guinea along the Kokoda Trail in 2016.

NSW Teachers Federation
English Teachers Association
History Teachers Association
National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services
Careers Advisors Association.

Other Useful Skills
Resume and job application coaching
Public Speaking
Costume and prop making
Digital music mixing
Intermediate stage make-up skills
Cooking large volume BBQ
Event Planning
Basic refereeing skills for common sports

Freny Tayebjee
UWS Careers
Office of the Pro-vice Chancellor
University of Western Sydney
Office hours: 02 4736 0376
M: 0410 574 096
Charlie Cochrane
Griffith High School
School Hours: 02 6962 1711
Phil Thompson
Deputy Principal
(Former Relieving Principal)
Hay War Memorial High School
School Hours: 02 6993 1408
Lea Poustie
Head Teacher HSIE
Quirindi High School
(Relieving Deputy Principal
Hay War Memorial High School)
School Hours: 02 6746 1177
University of Western Sydney- 2014
Careers Teacher
Griffith High School- 2014
HSIE Teacher
Hay War Memorial High School- 2013
HSIE, English & PDHPE Teacher
Equal Access Employment-2012-13
Disability Employment Vocational Trainer
Saint Scholastica’s College Glebe-2012
Casual Teacher
Epping Boys High School - 2012
Casual Teacher

Employment Summary
Denison College Bathurst- 2011
English Teacher
Castle Hill High School- 2011
Casual Teacher
Mitchell High School- 2011
English Teacher
Normanhurst Boys High School- 2010-11
History, English & Casual Teacher
Asquith Boys High School- 2010-11
History, English & Casual Teacher
Kellyville High School- 2010-11
HSIE and Casual Teacher
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