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How can Pragmatic PMO help you?

A quick introduction to our products and services

Ken Burrell

on 21 June 2018

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Transcript of How can Pragmatic PMO help you?

How can Pragmatic PMO help you?
PMO Solutions for your business needs
Project and Programme Managers
tend not to be detail people; they see
the big picture; managing their project teams
and stakeholders to get things done and deliver outcomes, on time, and to budget.
How we do it
We provide "just enough" support to enable your project managers to get on with delivering projects - safe in the knowledge that someone is "watching their back"
Why us?
Our people are experienced and certified - we know our mind maps from our milestones!
Get in touch
Call 07591 709595
PMO Support that works for your business
Your Project and Programme Managers need to be given the freedom to lead.
For that they need to have effective and efficient support.
That's where we come in...
But often the “devil is in the detail”: actions due to have been completed; risks due to have been reviewed. We provide that “backstop”.
We monitor. We chase. We challenge.
We report. We escalate.
We can help with:
Visit www.pragmaticpmo.com
Visit www.linkedin.com/in/pragmaticpmo/
We have a progamatic approach - we'll only recommend what we believe will work for you
We'll show you what we've done so you can keep it going once we've gone.
Intelligent Information
We can set up systems to gather (and challenge) project and programme information, work with you to devise and measure meaningful KPIs, and distil it all into concise, executive-friendly reports and meeting packs.
Pragmatic Planning
We can build and maintain plans, including costs and resources.
Methodology Management
We can help your Project Managers to apply your methodology.
We can filter and analyse project data to find themes and trends, and reveal to stakeholders what's
going on behind the scenes.
From PID to Post-Completion Review, we can develop templates that your project managers will
to use (because it will save them time and effort) to
underpin your
PM Methodology
PM Experience
Because each of our PMO professionals have years of experience as PMs under their belts (and have the scars to prove it!), we have credibility and empathy with PMs.
Been There
Done That
We can perform health checks to identify risk and recommend actions.
We can facilitate lessons learned sessions and use the results to develop the methodology.
We can monitor for risks and issues,
to help Project and Programme Managers stay on top of their schedules.
We can create filtered views for reporting to senior stakeholders.
Read what people say about us
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