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Geometry Open House Presentation

No description

yelena melnichenko

on 9 August 2014

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Transcript of Geometry Open House Presentation

My Information and Communication
Expectation for Students
Students will:
- formalize proofs using precise definitions
- apply geometric concepts in modeling situations
- use coordinates to prove geometric theorems
- define trigonometric ratios and solve problems involving right triangles

What does that look like in my classroom?
- Hands on, project based learning
- Use of interactive applets such as geogebra, quizlet, and desmos on chromebooks
- A lot of collaboration and discussion with partners and groups
CCSS Geometry
The best of traditional face to face instruction combined with 21st century educational practices
Blended Learning
Student achievement
Classroom Experience
Geometry Open House Presentation
- 8 years of teaching experience at RCSD, 4 years at
- BA in mathematics from St. John Fisher College
- MS in mathematics education from SUNY Brockport

Room 355


Phone # 585-324-3750 ext. 3550
Face to Face
Group work
Field work
Guided notes and videos
Flexible pacing
Interactive applications
Timely feedback
Teacher led instruction
Individual instruction
Meet - ups
Discussion based assessments
Yelena Melnichenko
Digital Expectations
- Be responsible users of technology and care for technology equipment
- Log in and participate in the online portion of our class
- Be a good digital citizen - be responsible online, selecting credible resources, respond to students/teacher responsibly, make sure that all work is your original work

Behavior Expectations
Follow the school
aring - We will care for one and all.
espect - We will be respectful.
xcellence - We will pursue excellence in all areas.
afety - We act in a safe manner.
rust - We will be trustworthy.
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