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Those That Wake

No description

Matt Ozolins

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Those That Wake

Those That Wake
By: Jesse Karp
A Prezi By: Matt Ozolins
My Recommendation
My Favorite Paragraph
"Hopelessness promotes certain behavior patterns crucial to marketing. But it is also a by-product of those same behaviors. It promotes the shortest-term thinking and thus increases sales of blatantly harmful substances like tobacco, liquor, and beverages and foods made primarily of sugars and chemicals. It creates violent impulses of resistance at the same time as a yearning to escape into video games, action movies, and fast, no-thought entertainment at the expense of considered, constructive solution-building. It makes parents forget to care what their children do and children forget to care about how they treat one another. It makes us need more and more and more because no amount is ever enough to fix us, to make us happy. Hopelessness creates all these conditions, but it also arises from them."
This is easily my favorite paragraph in the entire book. There is so much meaning and thought crammed into a small combination of words. This paragraph reallys relates to me personally because i deal with all the same things that are talked about, hopelessness is a serious issue, all throughout the book the theme of hopelessness compiles itself into this short little paragraph.
Those That Wake is a novel that centers around the idea of hopelessness. The main characters are Mal, and Laura, Mal is a teenage boy who finds out one night that his brother has seemingly disappeared. Laura on the other hand comes home one night to her parents, but on this night her parents have forgotten her completely, they do not recognize her. Both Mal and Laura set out to find the truth about how everyone in there life has completely forgotten them, along the way they cross each others paths and end up having to team up in order to fight whoever or whatever it is that has erased them from the minds of there family and friends. During Mal and Laura's journey they meet friends and family of one another and there bond starts to grow stronger and stronger.
The theme of the novel Those That Wake is a very interesting one in my opinion. The book centers around the theme of hopelessness, almost every key action in the book can relate back to the theme in some way. Hopelessness is the feeling of providing no hope, basically giving up. In the beginning of the novel, Mal is a very hopeless person whose source of income is to fight at his local park during the late hours of the night. Things around him seem to start crumbling and falling apart figuratively and literally when the walls of his apartment start to crack and fall apart. Later in the book, we learn that corporations are actually using an algorithm called the global dynamic to sell there products, and the companies products produce hopelessness, which leads the consumers to want and need more of the products, creating an endless cycle of hopelessness. This hopelessness eventually grows so strong because it is in the minds of almost everyone, that it manifests itself into a physical form, this physical form tries to make people forget about everything they once cared about.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is not afraid to be a little spooked by a book, but beware, trigger warning, this book is about hopelessness, it will take you into the heads of the hopeless and follows a journey on how to overcome it. This book is a must read for everyone.
the feeling of hopelessness

The hopelessness turns people almost into zombies

the cracking of Mals apartment
The man in the suit Mal and Laura see
Character development

Mal starts out as a teenage boy who is hopeless, he makes his money by sneaking out of his foster home to illegal fights in the park. Along Mals journey to find his brother, he meets Laura. Laura is the only thing that Mal cares about, she makes Mal into this amazing compassionate caring person. Then Mal and Laura have to fight the hopelessness meme and t
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