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Historic Libraries Forum

No description

Katie Flanagan

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Historic Libraries Forum

1. Reasonably priced events for members
- Rare books cataloguing (Lambeth Palace Library)
- project management, cataloguing projects and volunteers (Bromley House Library)
- advertising events organised by related organisations
3. Watchdog
-More important than ever to look out for libraries in danger
-Speed of campaigns
4. Help and advice
- Mentoring scheme
- Networking & contacts
- Library and Information History Group
- Cathedral Libraries and Archives Association
- Association of Independent Libraries

2. Raising awareness
Arts Council England - review of the Designation Scheme for libraries, archives and museums
In two or threes, talk about the challenges you've faced when putting together a collection development policy
Keep in touch with us:



Negative publicity
University backs down over 'stupid' plans to sell Shakespeare folios
Shakespeare folios seller resigns after auction house relationship revealed
Selling off Shakespeare: Arts Council raises concerns
Shakespeare First Folio sale plan criticised

University accused of 'stupidity of the highest order' over plan to sell Shakespeare's folios for £5million
Collections kept together (where provenance supports this)
Remaining in the UK
Publicly accessible

"Library service sitting on gold mine of rare books"
(East Grinstead Courier & Observer)
"These books are beautiful collectors' items but are no longer standard works in their field and have been superseded by more recent books, which we now have in library collections"
(Council's Director of Communities and Infrastructure)
No connection with local area - really?
Books hadn't been used - they weren't on catalogue
Old books in Latin are of no interest nowadays
St Augustine's, Ramsgate
Support for elderly Benedictine monks
Not just books sold
Purpose of the institution
Nantwich parish library
Voices for the library
Church Times
Historic Libraries Forum
This is only possible with the help and support of members, such as the Royal Asiatic Society and Bromley House
West Sussex County Council
Image by kind permission of the Church Times

& Tablet
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