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CEProud is LWVCT's 2016-2019 commitment to raise awareness in Connecticut about the Citizens' Election Program, the state's way of financing campaigns for state offices with public funds.

Liana Teixeira

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of CEProud

$28,150 to run for a seat in the House of Representatives.
$95,710 for the Senate.
$812,550 for Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the State, Attorney General, Comptroller and Treasurer.
$6,500,400 for Governor .
Separate funds are available for primary campaigns.
Candidates with no challengers receive partial funding.
Anyone who wishes to campaign for a seat in the Connecticut House or Senate or for the constitutional offices: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the State, Attorney General, Comptroller or Treasurer.
How to qualify
How is CEP funded?
Benefits of CEP
Enables individuals of modest means to run for state offices.
Enables challengers to run against established officeholders.
Increases modest contribution importance to candidates qualifying for CEP.
Frees officeholders from owing favors to special interests.
Frees officeholders from courting special interests.
Keeps focus of legislators on the interests of constituents.
Assures state campaign finance accountability and full disclosure.
Showcases Connecticut as a national example of equal state campaign financing.
What is CEP?

Citizens' Election Program
League of Women Voters CT: CEProud
In 2005, as a reaction to donor-related favors that had landed Gov. John Rowland in federal prison, the Connecticut General Assembly passed and Gov. Jodi Rell signed into law the Citizens’ Election Program.
CEP provides public funding for elections to the state Legislature and to state offices.
CEP grantees must sign a contract to use CEP funds to run their campaigns.
About 80% of the Connecticut General Assembly campaigned on public money in 2014. All current holders of state constitutional offices were elected on CEP funds.
CEP is administrated by the State Election Enforcement Commission, SEEC.
CEP funds come from the sale of abandoned properties in the state and from donations to the Citizens’ Election Fund. CEP constitutes 0.0001% of the state budget.

By raising a specified amount using $5-$100 contributions.
$ 5,000 for the House of Representatives (at least 150 contributors must be from their district).
$15,000 for the Senate (at least 300 contributors from their districts).
$75,000 for Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the State, Attorney General, Comptroller and Treasurer ($67,500 in-state donations).
$250,000 for Governor ( $225,000 in-state donations).
Candidates may contribute to their campaign, but that amount will be subtracted from their CEP grant.
Money that is not used by the campaign is returned to the Citizens' Election Fund.
Voters who are unaware of the existence of the Citizens’ Election Program.
Special interests that seek to secure influence by financing campaigns.
Democratic Party and Republican Party leadership who wish to use CEP funds for nonelection purposes.
The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC ruling that makes it possible for outside money to start worming itself into CEP-funded campaigns.
How much $ do candidates get?
Threats to CEP
A League of Women Voters of Connecticut initiative to:
Build a constituency for CEP.
Encourage civic minded people of modest means to run for state offices.
Involve people in the democratic process by encouraging them to help candidates to qualify for CEP funding.
Generate contributions to the Citizens’ Election Fund.
Work with the General Assembly to secure the Citizens’ Election Program against cuts and raids.

Citizens' Election Proud, 2016-19
The women and men of the League of Women Voters will celebrate in 2020 the centennial of the founding of the League knowing they contributed to strengthening democracy in Connecticut
Contact CEProud:
league@gmail.com (subject line: CEProud)
203-288-7996 or
1890 Dixwell Avenue, Suite 203
Hamden, CT 06514-3183

Prezi link: http://bit.ly/1XrhtBg
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