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East African Center 2013 Annual Report

Support Education and Health in Kenya by contributing https://www.causes.com/campaigns/75674-support-education-and-health-in-kenya

Jen Jenkins

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of East African Center 2013 Annual Report

East African Center 2013 Annual Report
Funds in 2013
we raised $87,770.91

$64,979.50 through individual contributions
$22,791.41 in grants and matching company contributions

Health Department Data
As part of our work in 2013:
3,524 individuals were treated
5,470 condoms were distributed
387 households were visited
786 children were evaluated for growth and nutrition
268 children were de-wormed
19 health education days were held with 2,719 participants. Topics ranged from peer pressure to proper hand washing techniques.

Vutakaka School
In 2013 our second group of 8th graders successfully graduated!

Area School Rankings:
1st in Takaungu area (of 4 schools)
2nd in Mkwajuni Cluster (of 6 schools)
13th in the area in English (of 59 schools)
30th in the area overall (of 59 schools)

Thank you
In 2013 we have hit our stride as an organization! We have an exceptionally dedicated staff, a long-term vision guiding us, and the means to implement programs and services that are making a difference in the Takaungu community.

Each year, we are doing more with less as we work toward long-term fiscal sustainability, and have managed to responsibly decrease our budget by 25% ! This consistent trend allows us to spend more time focusing on innovative programming and less time fundraising.

As always, thank you for your attention, interest, encouragement, and support. Keep clicking to see our amazing 2013!
In 2013 we raised $10,000 for a new resource center and office for teaching staff.

We broke ground in November 2013 and expect to finish construction in the summer of 2014.
Our New Resource Center
we spent $87,376.15

$76,520 for Kenya programming
$2,400 for US salaries
$8,456.15 for administrative overhead
Albert Masha Class of 2013
Student Spotlight

My name is Albert Masha Alex, a sixteen year old boy. I come from Vijiweni village.

My best subjects are Science, Math and English. I scored 336 on the KCPE exam and was given a place at Sokoke Secondary School near the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. Because of my high score and background, I was given a sponsorship through the Kenya Education Fund.

My strengths are in football, basketball, handball, volleyball and acrobatic. I do all of these during my leisure time.

I enjoy eating Pilau, Ugali and beans, Chapati and Githeri.

I am an outgoing and self-driven boy.
$ in 2012
we raised $110,562

we spent $106,854
$ in 2011
we raised $135,826

we spent $144,033
A 25% average decrease in spending each year without sacrificing the EAC's effective programming
Our 2014 estimated budget is $77,851 -
a 55% decrease in spending since 2011

As always, we continue to refine and streamline operations, but maintain flexibility for growth as opportunities arise.

Mary Okello Atieno teaches grades 4, 7, and 8. She has been teaching for 5 years and is married to fellow teacher Joseph Nyaga.
Madam Mary and the Debate Club
Madam Mary founded our debate club to promote language and give the students a chance to expand on what they learn in class. Students use the themes and vocabulary taught in the school to assist in debate design. The club has 30 members and frequently presents in front of the entire school. They also participate in inter-school competitions.
Looking ahead
Our teaching staff is focusing on our math and science curriculum to raise our overall test scores and are looking for additional funds to expand test prep resources for students.
We want to share the exciting work and progress being made in Kenya as the EAC embarks on our 13th year.

We are doing more with less; making steady progress on our path to sustainability. This includes partnering with local government and non-governmental organizations, starting income generation projects, and reducing overhead. Your support makes it possible.

Together, our commitment delivering high quality education and health programming grows stronger each year.
Health Department
This year the health team continued their community and school health education:
empowering community groups in economics and health
encouraging health education through theme days
partnering with government Community Health Workers
helping to train and identify the disabled residents in the community
starting income-generating projects to support health programs
Health Education
Our primary school health education curriculum culminates each year in “Stay Alive Day”, a celebration of songs, poems, and skits about HIV/AIDS prevention. This year’s theme was “A life without drugs is cool!” and it was a huge success!
The EAC works with a diverse cross-section of the community, including:
women who care for orphans and vulnerable children
the Takaungu Beach Management Unit (fishing group)
the Takaungu Sewing Cooperative
a women's group that grows chili peppers
motorcycle taxi drivers
coral miners
Example: This year, the Beach Management Unit broke ground on a cold storage building (refrigeration project), using funds from a grant written with help from the EAC. This allows the fishermen to store their catch and sell it when they can get higher prices.
Community Groups
Health Funds
The health team is working hard to build small businesses that will help fund future health programming (a great example of how the EAC continues to do more with less!) This year, the health team launched a chicken rearing project and began gardens built in burlap sacks.
2013 In Pictures

Stay Alive Day

Vutakaka Kindergarten Classes

Health Education

Heath Team at Work

Our Farm

Vutakaka Athletics

Vutakaka at Work

Vutakaka at Play

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