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Growing & Developing Independent Learning

No description

matt mckee

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Growing & Developing Independent Learning

Growing & Developing
Independent Learning

Where was I coming from
"Matt, you interested, it is your own target too.."
Simple steps
Skill set for me, staff and pupils is a spectrum of diverse needs, strengths ..
Shoreham Academy Learning Journey
Modelled, Explicit Groupwork
Raise Standard of group work, wealth of resources available already - just use them - "we need to do more than just talk about the work - we need to share and develop our ideas"
What Else...?
Growth & Fixed Mindsets.
What good is Indpendent Learning if Intelligence is fixed?
To develop teaching Strategies that increase pupil independence, ownership, active engagement, resilience and resourcefulness.
WWW & EBI: Careful planning
Modelling, Scaffolding,
Explicit instructions,
Summaries, Exemplars,
Efficient Teacher Talk & Questioning. Involvement and reflection on decisions, assessment and rationale.
Therefore need a range of practical, easily adopted techniques and templates to begin to Grow and Develop our independent learning.
Increased ownership & involvement in the classroom processes. Choices, group work, researching, self assessment, planning and responsibility, extended activities that need 'managing' by pupils.
Picture Questions, e.g. to groups,ng
promote discussion & collaborative thinki
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