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Green Career Conference Marlborough 10-3-2013

No description

Michael Downey

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Green Career Conference Marlborough 10-3-2013

Working Forests
Connections between forests,
ecosystems, people & economies
Connecting with Stakeholders
Encouraging a proactive mindset
Follow Your Own Path

Michael Downey
Massachusetts Forest Stewardship & Service Forestry Programs
978.368.0126 x129
Sustainable Communities
(think society & economy)
Most of the commonwealth’s forests are privately owned, with the greatest amount owned by families and individual small woodland owners.
Inter Generational Responsibility
Inter Generational Justice
Unfortunately the threats to
family forests have only accelerated
Ensure the Necessary Resources
Professional Advice
High Motivation
Investments in forestry programs have a multiplying positive impact on jobs, rural economies and the environment.
Foresters have assisted in highlighting the
vital role forest landowners
play in maintaining
"forests as forests".
for Sustainable Rural Economies & Forests
Sustainable forest management is very demanding.
It requires know-how, professional advice
and high motivation.
Information on forest resources and certain organizational structures are also
necessary elements.
These prerequisites are not easily achieved without financial incentives.
Importance of Forests
Economic Development
Rural Communities
Ecosystem Services
Every Job created in Forestry related industry results in another 1.5 jobs in the MA economy
figures based on commonly accepted values used in IMPLAN
4.9 million people in MA depend on
forests for clean water
Forests provide the most immediate, efficient, and cost-effective solution to reducing carbon in the atmosphere
In areas that are traditionally challenged by a need for sources of employment, payrolls and taxes...
Privately owned & productive forests represent a source of stability
Forest Economy
Future ?
Due to the state's relatively
high percentage of forestland
that is in private ownership,
any changes to the forests
and the forest industry
will have a pronounced
private sector impact and
impact on the Massachusetts
forest landowner.
DCR Analysis
WFI has helped over 835 woodland owners since May 2009
Landowners have conserved more than 77,700 acres
Enrollment in Forest Stewardship & Current Use has increase 23% and 15% respectively
Massachusetts forest based industries directly employ over 20,647 individuals
(MA Forest Resource Fact Sheet, Feb. 2012)
Active management (through a Forest Cutting Plan) has doubled on Stewardship Properties
Consulting Foresters have seen direct economic benefit totaling over $1.082 million
Every dollar generated in forestry results in another
$1.75 value-added in the MA Economy
(Figures from Forest2Market report, Sept. 2009 & USFS Technical Report, Dec. 2009)
Cretaz, et. al., June 2010
Geoffrey Chaucer
1,000 acres of private forest supports 8 jobs
Forest can supply renewable heat, electricity, & fuels to help meet the nation's renewable energy goals
92% of trees harvested for wood products
come from private forests
This Is Not A Forester...
*not that there is anything wrong with that...
Work to create & Protect woodlands
With an annual payroll of nearly $826.304 million
(AF&P, 2011)
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