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Ferdinand Magellan

No description

Giovana L

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan and his crew were the first to make it around the world. Even if Magellan died before he made it fully around the world his name carried in.
Why did he go?
When was he born? When did he die?
By Giovana Lopes
He proved the world was round not flat.
What did Ferdindand Magellan prove?
What ships did he use
The names of the ships he used are:
The Trindad
San Antonio
What ship made it back?
What was he looking for?
The spices in the Moluccas
The king of Spain made him
He also went to find another way to Asia
Why did most of his crew die
Native battles
and many more
When did they set sail? 1519
When did they finish going around the globe? April 27 1521
Who is Ferdinand Magella?
The first person to go around the world
Who traveled with him?
270 crew members that are Spanish,Portagues,Greek, Italian,British,French German, and North Africa
Who made it back?
Only 18 people out of 270
How did Ferdinand Die?
He was killed by a poison spear in a native battle
How long did it take for Ferdinand and his crew to make it around the world?
Almost 3 years
How would the world be if Ferdinand didnt make it round?
The people would think the world was flat in till another explorer would go
Ferdidand Magellan was brave because He went around the world when everybody thaught he would just fall right out the edge
Ferdinand Magellan was motivated to find a western way to Asia.
Ferdidand Magellan was brave because He went around the world when everybody thaught he would just fall right out the edge of the world
Ferdinand Magellan was motivated to a western route to the Moluccas and bring back spices for Spain
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