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Copy of Digital Leaders - Arden

A presentation for Year 9 Assembly - recruitment of Digital Leaders Nov 2012

Liz Allton

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Digital Leaders - Arden

Digital Leaders
“Kids lead high tech lives outside school and decidedly low tech lives inside school. This new ‘divide’ is making the activities inside school appear to have less real world relevance to kids.”

- Illinois Institute of Design think tank on Schools in the Digital Age (2007)
Creative Arts &
Technology Faculty
Mrs Allton
The issue...
Where are we
with Digital?

Online comment walls
Such as Wallwisher or LINO
The vision for Digital leaders @ Arden
- practice using their digital toolkit
- Challenging each other and teachers to use the tools
- Work as a team
- Develop student leadership, communication, etc.
Microsoft PhotoStory
Free download - creates video montages to music
Flickr or Picasa allow you to share and annotate photos
Podcasting with Audacity
Free simple audio recording software to produce podcasts
QR codes
The code image is setup as a shortcut to a webpage, video, audio file or document
Any number of free QR code generators such as bit.ly or Kaywa
Free QR readers for most phones and any computer
Screencapture videos
Free software such as Jing allows you to capture video of whatever is happening on your screen
Online quizzes
Create free online, self-marking quizzes using Hot Potatoes or your school VLE/learning platform
A blog is an online journal that other people can comment on
Try setting up an 'edublog' or use your VLE
Google Earth
Link your topic to physical places
An example would be 'Lit trips' which follow the path of a journey in a book but include educational activities along the way
John Davitt's Learning Event Generator
Neat online tool for getting activity inspiration
You can edit the activities and topics to suit your own needs
A website anyone can edit without specialist skills
Great for collaborative working
Try wikispaces.com or your school VLE
Great free online presentation tool
Create the presentation like a mind-map rather than in a linear fashion
Can collaborate with others by inviting people to edit
Can be used offline
Great free and intuitive website for sharing news
Some schools have their own Facebook page to share news with staff, students and parents
The quickest way to share news and ideas
Free chat, voice and video calls to anywhere in the World
Lots of education ideas
Try Wordle or Tagxedo
Jorvik Viking Centre, York
Poll Everywhere
Free, simple polls from mobile phones
In School
Out of school
Where are we
with Leadership?

The Leadership Awards
Senior Pupils
What would make it more
high tech in school?
What comes after Powerpoint??
or in other words...
Gadget Show
Always talking about the best 'tech'
Arden D&T
Always talking about the best 'tech'
Arden De-tech-tives (Digital Leaders)
Investigating the best ways to use new technology
& online tools
How do your know if you would make a good
Digital Leader?
Well, do you enjoy
- Using ICT?
- Using a computer at home?
- Sharing/discussing ideas?
- Trying out new software/hardware?
Form Captain
House reps
Student Council
Eco Schools
Leadership pupils
Peer mentors
Arts Awards
Sports leaders
What do you need to do if you are
in being a digital leader?
You need to apply to be a #DL
Applications can be made in any way you choose and should be emailed to: eallton@arden.solihull.sch.uk
**Creativity in your application is encouraged**
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