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Ethics re: Business Use of Social Media

No description

Tamara Manton

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Ethics re: Business Use of Social Media

Ethics re: Business Use of Social Media
Twitter accounts can be hijacked or similar unauthorised
accounts put in place: @BPGlobalP was created by
protesters to criticise BP’s response to the
Deepwater Horizon oil spill

In 2010 DKNY’s Facebook page was taken over by people protesting
at the company’s use of fur. One set of postings spelled out the

Marie Claire
In 2010, one of Marie Claire’s blogger criticised the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly – picture opposite - posting the message

‘obesity is costing our country far more in terms of all the related health problems we are paying for’
In 2012 Nestle’s Facebook page was attacked by
people protesting about the company’s use of
palm oil from Indonesia, which Greenpeace had
argued was damaging the environment.
Crimson Hexagon, found 20% of the postings were pro-Nestle, while 50% either criticized Nestle's use of palm oil or its handling of the situation.

Her blog received over 3,000 mostly angry comments on MarieClaire com, and another 1,000 comments were made when it was reposted .
And finally this is an example of when an organisation’s tweet can go wrong.
I found this in one of Adam Stiles references from last semester.

This tweet ‘Good morning shooters. Happy Friday!”’ appeared in 2012 shortly
after the shooting in the USA of 12 people by a lone gunman, during a midnight
showing of The Dark Knight Rises. The pro gun organisation running the tweet
account said it had been posted by someone who had not heard about the
shooting., Unsurprisingly they were forced to shut down the Twitter account.


@Exxon Mobil Corp was set up purporting to be the views
of an official spokesperson for the oil company, only for
it later to be exposed as fake
@Burger King was hijacked and used to post picture of
McDonald’s products

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