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No description

Eric Grant

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of Relevance.

The age of disruption
While you sleep, someone else is up
and at 'em.
"Don't hit the snooze button."
His world.
Rules to live by.
No one has all the answers.

Invest some time each day in thinking about how to market your cattle.
"Know what to do next."
It's okay to get it wrong -- so long as you're learning.

Digital technology reduces risk.

Experiment. Analyze. Move on.
Fail Forward.
Tactics for the digital age.
Email addresses
Phone numbers

Points of conversation

Capture, store and maintain customer information
Photos, words and video are the currency of marketing and advertising.

You can't use them if you don't have them.
Put some hay in the barn.
Don't do it unless you're committed to it.

Make Facebook & Twitter about your customers, not you.
Develop a social media presence.
6 billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world today.
Be smartphone friendly.
Keep fresh hay in it.

Make it mobile friendly.
Build a (simple) website.
They know a lot more than you do.
Hire a kid.
Video is the single-best way to show people the cattle you have to sell.
Launch a YouTube Channel.
Measure what you do.
Tactics for the analog world.
Personal contact is king.
Get off your duff, and go see some people.
A contrarian's mindset will serve you well in marketing and advertising.
"About the time everybody's sitting down, I reckon it's time for me to be standing up."
Email this stuff around.
Same company, different markets.
Color is everything.
Marketing Angus Cattle
The key is balancing the digital and the analog worlds.
How we share videos today.
Same video:
124,000 views since 2009
The age of disruption is really the age of opportunity.
Digital ended my career as a freelancer.
Analog & Digital
Analog -- defined as print and other traditional media -- is about your existing customers.

Digital -- defined as social media, Internet, mobile platforms, etc. -- is about your future.
Fitting & Showing Video:
328 DVDs since 2008
How we shared videos three years ago.
The pace of change is accelerating.

Today's new tech is tomorrow's dead tech.
Good & Bad News
It devalues what we do.

It expands your capabilities and reach.
Digital gives with one hand.
And takes with the other.
Recognize your story is where the value's created.
Our world.
The sales cycle really begins at breeding -- not two days before your sale.
Create a story around the specific cattle you have to sell.
Don't squander marketing momentum.

You have about 72 hours to capitalize on interest.
Maintain Contact.
Put it here, there and everywhere.
Get a cool logo.
Writing is awful.

But once the words are written, repurpose them in multiple ways -- remember the "hay in the barn?'
Put down some words.
You have a unique opportunity to be a source for information, not just cattle.
Write a hand-written letter or post card.

The edges are where the opportunities are.
Go Old School.
Digital also opened opportunities.
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