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Food Advertiesements

No description

Yi Mei

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of Food Advertiesements

Creative Project:
Naming of Food products on Market

Mamie Mei

. It is a brand of cream cheese in the U.S.
. Naming: In the 1880s, "Philadelphia" was adopted as the brand name, after the city that was considered at the time to be the home of top quality food.
. Comments: The brand name "Philadelphia" reminds customers immediately the actual city of Philadelphia in PA. People might think the cheese is produced in Philadelphia or the founder of the brand is from Philadelphia. Surprisingly, neither was true. The naming of the brand is due to the fame of Philadelphia's "top quality food" at old times. It is nothing about "origin pride" or "nostalgia", but a credibility showing the guarantee of cheese products to customers.
. a Brand of Beijing style yogurt in CA, USA
. Naming: It is a new Yogurt brand in California created by three Chinese from Beijing. The brand of Yogurt is named as "Lao Beijing" for reminding Chinese people in the U.S. of "flavor of home".
. Comments: On the one hand, the name of the yogurt brand reflects the Chinese customers a sense of "nostalgia" since it reminds people of the bottle yogurt selling at many Hutongs in Beijing(photo). On the other hand, "Lao Beijing" / "Beijing" Yogurt also present the authority of the products since Beijing Yogurt is well-known in China. Showing as a"expert" of traditional Chinese yogurt in front of people, "Lao Beijing Yogurt" can easily gain trusts of customers while few customers knew the company just started in 2011 in California. People may thought that although the yogurt is produced in the states, it must belongs to a "Chinese yogurt brand"company in Beijing which is not true.
Lao Beijing Yogurt
. It is a Swiss multinational food and beverage brand
. Naming: the brand is named after the founder Henri Nestle. Also, the name "Nestle", which sounds like "Nest", gives customers images of "home", "comforts" and "tranquility".
. Comments: The brand name "Nestle" allows people to imagine the concepts of "family", "relaxation" and "sweetness" which relate with the products of the Nestle company. The early products of Nestle company were baby foods; today, Nestle is famous for its coffee and chocolate bars. The business owners intentionally combined the customers' interests (enjoying life) with its brand style positioning. There are some other similar food brands such as Sun Maid Raisins---its name evokes the customers' imagination as well.
It is a brand of Chinese Soy Sauce in Guangdong.
Naming: the name of brand literally means "delicious" in Chinese.
The naming of this soy sauce is different from the others mentioned before. The name is so obvious and directly sents messages to the customers : " this soy sauce tastes good." When customers are lost in tons of brands of soy sauce and do not what to choose, they may choose the simplest one! Also, the name is so easy to be remembered that customers may buy the soy sauce again in the market once they finished the first bottle.
I searched on Youtube and Youku to find the adv of Mei Wei Xian but I failed.
Mei Wei Xian Soy Sauce 孙

The Ad of Philadelphia Cheese
In this advertisement, the manufacturer focused on
the "nature" (cows, greenness, local farm) to present a sense of "health and freshness". The eating scene of the couple in couch makes audiences feel tranquil and "home like". The words of " Philadelphia sets the standards" and "only Philadelphia" create a credibility and authority of the products.
Adv of Beijing Yogurt
There are two versions of this advertisements on Youtube:
in English and Mandarin. The actors and actress are obviously Chinese Americans which also shows the main targeting customers of this products are Chinese Americans, Chinese immigrants or Chinese students in California. However, the setting of the restaurant, the clothing the actor/ actress are wearing and even the language they spoke are totally westernized. The "beijing yogurt" characters on the bottle seems not fit in the scene at all.
Adv of Nestle
This advertisements is a little bit longer but includes many elements the name of "Nestle" suggests: "family", "children", "happiness" and "tranquility". This advertisement fits customers' imagination towards the brand---Nestle food can comforts their life.
In summary, the names of food products in the market can be counted into three main categories: Showing authority/ credibility (Philadelphia, Lao Beijing), Leading customers' imaginations (Lao Beijing, Nestle, Sun Maid), and sending direct messages (Mei Wei Xian). However, this does not means that certain brands must belongs to certain categories (example: Lao Beijing fits into two categories at the same time). Moreover, these categories are carefully designed for customers carefully by the sellers; but customers usually are not aware of this when they are choosing products in the market. The customers think that they have initiatives while choosing products---they can either think of the bottled yogurt in Beijing or their own family life. Customers believe that they choose to fit in certain categories. In fact, they are passively placed into these three categories which the sellers carefully designed for them.
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