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Annual Congregational Meeting

No description

Rebecca L

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Annual Congregational Meeting

Annual Congregational Meeting
2016 Budget
Worship and Education: $27,652
Life of the Church: $650
Building and Grounds: $5,770
Administration: $4,850
Mission and Outreach: $6,450


2015 Income: $37,601.26
Election Time!

2 new Ruling Elders

2 members to the Nominating Committee
A look at 2015:
Worship and Education
Pastor's Terms of Call for 2016
16 hours/week
Four weeks of vacation
Two weeks of Study Leave

Housing Allowance: $20,651.50
(Requesting a 3% cost of living raise)

Books, Travel, and Continuing Ed Allowance: $1200

Retirement Savings: $2271.66
(11% of housing allowance,
per 2015 Agreement)

Total Package: $23,923.16
(2015 was $24,248.52)
First Presbyterian Church,
Luling, TX

January 31, 2016
Building and Grounds
Mission and Outreach
Finance and Stewardship
Lenten Soup Lunches
Triennial visit with COM liaison
Supper and Storytelling
Welcomed Rick
and Janey Mendez
as members!
Baptized Abigail
Iris Longino
Sold the Cardwell House
Changed Pastor's Terms from Board of Pension to a Retirement Savings Plan
Gave Pastor Becca a 3 month Maternity leave...
Which was a relaxing
vacation for
Taking care of a newborn was exhausting, but it was a blessing to have that time at home with her.
Wrapped up the building renovation
Hired Brenda Castro
to clean the church
Enjoyed our updated space!
Hosted the high
school lunch twice
Hosted the new
teacher's luncheon
Collected the One Great Hour of Sharing and the Christmas Joy Offering
Supported LAMA, the food bank, Hays-Caldwell County Women's Center, the Presbytery and Meals on Wheels
Let us continue bringing people to the celebration of Christ!
How is God calling you to be a part of that?
Paid off the Henrietta King Loan
Fixed up the Landscaping

Presbyterian Women
Meet the 2nd Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

We have made donations to these groups in the following amounts:

Luling Pre-School Family Thanksgiving drive--$25.00

Itasca Presbyterian Children’s Home-$100.00

Luling Little Diggers (for team T-shirts-$100.00

We currently have $748.64 in our account.

Held a small reception for Becca’s second year as our pastor.

Conducted PW Celebrate the Gifts of Women service.

Attended Farmland Cluster Fall Gathering in Gonzales.

Attended the Mission Presbytery Spring Gathering at Mo Ranch.
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