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Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

No description

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Results (Survey)
Physical Characteristics
Previous Work
... for your consideration
Walter Benjamin Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Results (Survey)
Perception of Purpose and Value
Art Gallery Observations
Maria Bartlett, Andrea Kampen, Carlisle Kent, & Hilary Lynd

Future Work
Research using even exposure between digital reproductions and original works

Examine impacts of integration of digital reproductions in daily life

Probe further to see if there are differences between academic viewers and leisure viewers

Explore what this means in the context of digitally created art
Education/Experience with Visual Art
Susan and Francis Marchese
Digital Media and Ephemeralness:
Art, Artist, Viewer
Familiarity of participants

Lack of diversity

Personal interest

Time constraint

Quality of digital reproductions
Investigated participants perceptions of original paintings in a gallery setting versus digital reproductions of the same paintings

Hypothesized participants would have a greater emotional value of paintings viewed in a gallery setting
"Are digital reproductions valid substitutes?"
Mixed Method Approach
Observation in gallery
Survey and focus group discussion with digital reproductions
MLIS students
English speaking
No visual impairments
Social Experience in a
Physical Space
Participants preferred the experience and emotional value of original works

Original works evoked memory among participants

Social experience enhanced participants interpretations of artworks
"There's still a reason for it [digital reproduction]" - if no suitable substitute, when studying a particular work for easy reference
"I liked the art gallery. It's the whole package" - discuss with others, reaffirm perceptions and gain new insights
Thank you!
Presentation and Image References
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("File:Rebecca Cohn", n.d.)
Navigating in pairs or alone
Discussing/commenting on paintings (jovial & serious) prompted by emotional reactions
Larger works = more time spent observing them
Physically leaning in to examine details
Drastically altered size of some paintings in digital reproduction
Quality/richness of the medium lost/difficult to convey digitally
Digital reproductions did not elicit same memories of space and time
Similarly, sense of atmosphere was lost/not as apparent
Focus Group Discussion
Three themes emerged...
(Artifact, 2014)
(Dalhousie Art Gallery, n.d.)
(Hannon, n.d.)
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