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Scratch: A 21st century language for engaging learning

No description

Kristen Larson

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of Scratch: A 21st century language for engaging learning

Scratch: A 21st century language for engaging learning
The world we live in...
Kristen Larson
Montclair State University
STEM Specialist
ADP Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies

...is not represented in education today...
Manipulating technology through remote control design. Circuit systems, conductivity, creativity, collaboration.
Engineer using imagination and software know-how
Makerbot allows students to bring to life models they design in a virtual world. It bridges the gap between the ether and the tangible world.
So we teach our students to manipulate, create, and design using technology in our classrooms...why don't we teach our students to read, write and speak the language of the classroom media?
Let's get to know Scratch...
If you have a laptop, visit scratch.mit.edu.
So why Scratch?
Improves programming literacy:
allows students to see the behind-the-scenes components of video games, educational programs, and interactive technologies
opens opportunities to express through technology and create new technologies

Engages students in interactive, authentic, and collaborative projects in the classroom within the simple, cloud-based program.

Bridging gaps in education through a universal language.
Scratch is a language all students can learn.
Resources are widely availabe:
3D Design in google sketch up
Engineering is a process of imagining, collaborating and creating. 3D modeling software allows students to design, build, and work together in an affordable and real-time forum.
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