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Beadwork Presentation

Day 6 ECS 300 Field Lesson Plan-First Art Class with Miss C.

Aimee Castillo

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Beadwork Presentation

Art Class with Miss C.
baskets, bowls, clothes, and tools
People who are very good at making crafts
Major Culture Areas:
The Plains

Blackfeet Beadwork
Blackfeet in the plains
Activity Part 1
Warm-Up: 4 minutes
in the group.
More Samples
3 minutes
Other Beadwork
If you're in a
group table,
If you're in a
single table,
look for a partner
or join a group.
Starting from the person
closest to me
share one thing
you enjoy doing
what influenced you
to do that activity?
Miss C.
What influenced me?
long time ago, people made what
they needed by hand.
Grandparents and parents taught children
While they worked, elders share stories
family's culture (ideas and customs)
family's belief and practice
Stories on crafts
never turns out the exact same way twice
many still use the old method
make useful things for themselves
and their homes
some sell their crafts to make money
Ten Thousand Village
Lies between the Mississppi River and the Rocky Mountains, and it stretches south as far as the Gulf Of Mexico.
emphasize decoration in their crafts using feathers, beads, and porcupine quills
Three tribes-
Blackfeet Nation
Siksika, Kainah, Peigan
Known for black moccasins
they decorate them with beaded designs
made of dyed bison skins
Activity Procedure
Graph and coloured markers
create patterns
calculate bead colours needed
beads and materials collection
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