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Squad 110

No description

Darin Gray

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Squad 110

Our Strategy
Our plan was to have each team member work on a different robot and since we have 6 people 2 people would work on one robot. We divided the jobs up as follows:
Leo worked on the Vex
Kylie worked on the Redbot
Gouthem and Dymier worked on the iRobot
Tiana worked on the scribbler and Prezi
Rick worked on the Vex IQ.
After someone finished, they would go and help someone else until we got the job finished! :)
Squad 110
The Process: The Vex
The Process: Redbot
The Process: iRobot
The Process: Scribbler
The Process: Vex IQ
Engineering Principles
In this project we used mechanical engineering and computer engineering in order to complete our robots.
We built the robots with mechanical engineering skills
we coded the robots with computer engineering skills
Victories and Hardships
How We Would Improve Our Project
If we got to start over...
Lessons Learned
Our group communicated with each other on the process of our robots
We fixed the Vex robot after hours of frustration
Our Scribbler plays Mario Music and the National Anthem!!!
Hardships :(
The Vex robot was hard to design because it had to carry a lot of weight
It was hard to get the motors to work and the torque high enough therefore to fix this robot we changed the design all together
C-programing is hard
but with the help of TA's we got the job done
The RedBot was originally coded using half-dead batteries and when the batteries were changed the robot went crazy
Kylie rewrote the code and made changes to the original code
For the iRobot we learned...:
How C-programming worked with the help of some TA's.
Afterwards, we assembled the original demo program on the iRobot.
We also learned how to debug programs
We made modifications to this program and after many trials, we ended up with our final product.
For the Scribbler...
I learned how to use the S2 scribbler program
In this program, I was able to program the scribbler to move around obstacles and follow a "wall/object"
I had to test the scribbler many times to make sure that it was doing exactly what I wanted.
I got it to play a song ! :)
By: Leo, Kylie, Dymier, Goutham, Tiana and Rick
When Leo first started the Vex, we used the design from our last project and added a "arm." On the last day when we realized that the arm was not going to work because the torque wasn't balancing so we ended up taking the whole thing apart and reassembling it in a record time of 8 minutes!
For the Redbot, Kylie worked with the Arudino software to build and program a working robot that would follow a set path to lead mobile people out of a building. Building the robot was simple, creating a working code was another story.
For the Vex IQ, Rick worked with a lego kit to build the Vex IQ with a cup holder and then used the VEXIQ computer program to program his robot to follow lines.
To improve this project, we all agreed that it would be better if we asked each other if help was needed earlier. For this project we would inform everybody about the progress of our robots but no one really asked if help was needed until towards the end. If we had asked each other for help our project earlier it would've been a lot better.
If we got to start over on this project we would:
start the prezi earlier in the week!
keep the coding as simple as possible
We learned...
that when we need help we should always ask our team members and not try to sort it out alone
Programming is hard in general
always test your robot!
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