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caasi lemroh

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Engineering:

Discover Engineering:
Working with circuits and each other

Getting to know yenka
Its purpose
Teamwork... Kind of
Particular Utilization of AND Gates in RPS circuit

How it all comes together

Hey! Where’s my change?
Team Enginerds: It's not circuits, it's nerdy engineering.
College Readiness Circuit
Application of AND and OR gates
Application of Electrical engineering

The input
Physical Geology

What We Learned
A simple circuit
Basic Circuits: The Doorbell and Fridge
Planning it Out

Arbitrary use of the binary language
An introduction to more complex binary logic
Transition to The Medicine Dispenser
Thinking about it
Logic Diagrams
Preparation for the Medicine Dispenser Circuitry.
Intro to Yenka
Circuit design for The Vending Machine
Circuit design for RPS
Building of College Readiness Circuit
The Medicine Dispenser
Truth table, equation, logic
Splitting the work
building and testing
Truth Table and Logic Diagram for CR
Before splitting the workload
After splitting the work load
Our Medicine Delivery Circuit
Effectiveness of teamwork
Uses of Binary and Logic diagrams
How to create the simplest components of computers.
Applications to biomedical
Trouble with the alarm
Staying on track, and working effectively
Transition from design to the final
Placement of wires
Loose connections
The 555 Timer
A 3D computer model of our Dispenser
The Alarm Circuitry
Relation to biomedical engineering
Our Super Sweet College Readiness Circuit
Using yenka to design a Logic Circuit for RPS
What would(will) we do differently?
Work together from the beginning
Make a list of all the parts we would use
Make sure we have the right parts
Make sure our components work
Build circuits separately instead of all together
Be more organized in general.
Picture creds to Isaac the Great
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