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Why explore the edge?

Pushing boundaries is what learning is about...

Sylvia Riessner

on 17 April 2017

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Transcript of Why explore the edge?

If you're not falling off it...
Learn by doing
Trust / Risk
Model what you do when you fail
Exploring the EDGE
you're not really
the EDGE
If you're not failing, you're probably not pushing yourself hard enough (to learn)

Help people get over it...
small steps...
everybody's at different points
Chris Mattia
Laura Hilliger
Try it out
Howard Rheingold
...teach the literacies
Crap detection
Students / Connected Learners
It's just vital that students think of themselves as LEADERS, not just CONSUMERS
Gardner Campbell
Why explore the EDGE?
What is the edge?
How is the edge defined?
How do we find the edge?
Are there different edges?
Fall / Fail
Everybody makes mistakes..
that's OK
part of learning
I'm allowed to fail
What's wrong with the education system? There's not a lot of room for failure
Howard Rheingold
Is it OK?

What's the cost?
Can you always fix it?
Are costs higher in the open?
can you teach the value of PERSISTENCE?
can you show the value of "exploring the edges"
Experiential learning -- ONLINE
self-directed learning: a four step process
can you teach self-directed learning?
Self-Directed Learning: A four step process http://goo.gl/z7CN0d
Learn in the OPEN
Student-Led, Flipped, Inquiry-Based Learning http://goo.gl/mvvYiL
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