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Preparing for the Future:

A presentation for Junior and Senior High School Parents

Ariel Winston

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Preparing for the Future:

Preparing for the Future:
A Night for Junior/Senior Parents

Juniors will create profiles for the SAT & ACT Tests in the Spring Semester
Recommended to take both
ASVAB is given in early September for students interested in the military
Current prices of each test:
ACT $54.50 with Writing
SAT $52.50
Fee Waivers
Junior Year
Choose appropriate classes
SOLs and Verified Credits
Importance of grades and GPA
Attend college meetings & speak with Military recruits
PSAT's for scholarship opportunities
Summer before Senior Year
Preview college applications
Visit college campuses
Write a personal statement
Save money for application fees
$25-$75 per application
Review diploma requirements
Review schedule for types of classes
Fall Semester of Senior Year
Retake SAT/ACT/ASVAB Tests (if necessary)
Best to test September -November
Narrow down college choices
Sticker price vs. Actual price
Meet with representatives that visit Galileo
Complete and submit applications as early as possible
North Carolina Colleges and Universities
Early Decision vs. Early Action
University based scholarships (Dec. 1)
Scholarship Newsletter
Spring Semester of Senior Year
Maintain good grades/behavior/attendance
Graduate of Distinction (3.0 GPA and above)
Continue to apply for scholarships
Contact military recruiters
All state requirements are met to graduate
College decisions have been received and decided
Final transcript form completed
Work with college admissions and financial aid departments
High School Diploma
Complete FAFSA by March 1st
Super Saturday at GWHS
On campus help
Financial Aid Packages
Save for College Deposits
May 1st
Financial Aid
Most completed applications will also require:
SAT/ACT scores sent directly from testing agency
Application fees
Letters of Recommendation
Keep track of due dates
Learn social security number
Personal Information
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