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Reconstruction - Positives & Negatives

No description

Liraz Beldie

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Reconstruction - Positives & Negatives

Reconstruction - Positives & Negatives
Reconstruction was an important part in the history of civil rights, but some people think it was a failure because the south becase poorer and the white became more supirior.
Negative - The black codes
Most southern states created laws that limited former slaves from traveling, voting and working in cretain jobs.
Negative - KKK
A group of white people threatening blacks so they would not vote and attacked even those who helped blacks.
Negative - Jim Crow's Laws
The laws created segragation against blacks and counted it as equal. For example: A black person in jail cannot have a cell next to a white person.
Positive - Blacks become politically active

They worked in goverment positions and created the first public schools for White and Black.
by Gefen Beldie
Positive - Union army protects free slaves
It forced southern states to obey congress and allow all men to vote
Negative - Sharecropping
Positive - Three New Amendments
13 - Slavory prohibited in the USA
14 - States could not limit the rights of citizens
15 - All men (including African Americans) have the right to vote
Positive - Freedmen's Bureau
Congress give struggling newly freed African Americans food, medical care and legal advice
Freed slaved share the landlord's land. In return they had to gave a share of the crops. Sometimes it left them with no profit and in debt.
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