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Unit 6- Conflcit 2 FASCISM

Part II

Teri Lina

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of Unit 6- Conflcit 2 FASCISM

Post WWI Change- FASCISM
The Great Depression


1929- WWII (1940's)

Began in the US, but effected

When the US went broke, it effected
the repayment plan
Dawes Plan-
The US loaned $$ to Germany
to pay off their war reparations
Europe Politically, after WWI
Most European nations became
In Germany:
politically & economically unstable due to terms of the Treaty of Versailles
In Italy:
Embarrassed that they were ignored at the Paris Peace Conferece, radical feelings develop
Compared to other European countries, Italy was
They wanted to be POWERFUL!
Here comes:
Benito Mussolini
The Rise of Fascism
Characteristics of FASCISM:
1. Extreme Nationalism
2. Military is glorified
3. Anti- Communist
4. Dictatorship
** Nazism=
the German form of Fascism
- The only difference is that Nazi's are:
How did Hitler gain power in Germany?
January 30, 1933-
Hitler is appointed
Chancellor of Germany
The German Government is called the:
Third Reich
Testing the League of Nations
Events leading to World War II!
1.) Japan-
. Invaded Manchuria! The League tried to
negotiate with Japan...
So, in 1933-

Japan withdrew from the
League of Nations
Japan invaded China with massive force-
the League did nothing!
2.) Italy-
. Invaded Ethiopia in 1935- the
League did nothing!
3.) Germany- wanted to fulfill ANSCHLUSS-
The uniting of Germans
In order to fulfill anschluss, they
"Living Space"
Germany began violating the Treaty
of Versailles by expanding their military
b. Anschluss:
. Germany annexed Austria in
1938 because Germans lived there
c. September, 1938-
. Germany invades part of Czechoslovakia for anschluss- Czech resisted and asked the League for help
The Munich Conference:
. The League decided to allow Germany to annex part of Czech... Czech is MAD!
. Giving into an aggressive
nation in order to avoid conflict
The Non-Aggression Pact:
Between Hitler
(Germany) & Stalin (Russia)
. August 1939
. If War broke out,
they woud NOT fight
SO what is this going to mean???
Write a prediction about how the Non-Aggression Pact determines what is going to happen next...
Benito Mussolini as Dictator
of Italy!
- Was a librarian/journalist; he also fought in WWI
Impact of Fascism in Italy
- At first, it rejected imperialism and rascism, but became more radical once Mussolini aligned himself with Hitler.
- Created extreme pride/nationalism in Italy

The Depression:

The Wiemar Republic:
"Beer Hall Putsch"; Hitler's failed coup de 'etat sent him to prison
Inflation, unemployment, and The Great Depreesion in the US made conditions hopeless
Nazi's felt betrayed by the government for signing the Treaty of Versailles
- His Vision: as "Il Duce", he wanted to revive ancient Rome; he would be Caesar.
- Won a series of military victories against Ethiopia, Somalia, and Libya (1920's & 30's)
Germany under the NAZI's
- Unemployment went down as industry went up (creating the Volswagen, autobahn)
- Violation of the Treaty of Versailles began:
* Started raising an army
* stopped paying reparations
*began producing military goods
- 1936 Olympics; Germany= Awesome
- Became leader in Science and medicine
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