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SMARTLibraries Conference

No description

Roberto Corsini

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of SMARTLibraries Conference

The time is now
Never waste a moment, but do not fight obviously losing battles. Wait for the right time to continue a battle lost. Keep on fighting even against the odds if you are on the right path and the way forward is clear.
Your time has value
1/3 of your life
Being effective with your professional life is being effective with life.
Do not waste time on negative emotions. Breathe in, breathe out. Try again.
You are making a difference.
Societies need libraries like painters need walls.
You don't associate it with the process of an artist, but when it gets down to the facts: Most paintings are displayed on walls.

Most people get cultural knowledge and education through libraries. Or not at all.
Every single patron counts.
Never be satisfied.
Always crave for something more. Not as a 3 year old child screaming at their parent, but as a professional thinking of the future. What challenges can you overcome next?
Continue to grow.
Make your professional life a journey through knowledge and the learning of new skills. Every ugly bud will grow into a beautiful flower.
People, patrons, citizens.. you.
You are a part of society.
Society is a part of you.
The library is your part of society.
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