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Assessment center evaluation trick

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Ana Lozar

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Assessment center evaluation trick

Assessment center evaluation trick

Hello, my name is Ana Lozar, I am a member of the Human Resources Association of Slovenia. I have recently gone on an ERASMUS+ exchange program to Croatia to learn more about a special HR technique and found it very rewarding.

Assessment center
I attended the workshop at the Croatian project partner Creativa d. o. o. on the topic of the assessment center, which is a very powerful HR tool for candidate selection. What I want to present with this presentation is one facet of the tool, simulation determination. Fellow colleagues from Creativa have developed a really wonderful chart that I want to share.
For every competency required from the candidate there is a corresponding simulation through which we can evaluate it. Every competency (for example leadership) can be evaluated through at least 2 simulations. The greater the number of simulations, the better accuracy of the competency evaluation. It's really important to select position specific competencies - it's work half done!
Simulations need to enable the expression of relevant, objective information about the candidate. They also need to be a reflection of the business candidates are applying to. The HR profession has already established a standardized group of simulations to fulfill any evaluation needs, such as case study. All the simulations need to be defined prior to the process of the assessment.
The trick
In order to find just how useful is a certain simulation for a certain competency (so you can plan the assessment center accordingly), the trick is to make a chart of all the competencies sought for the position vs. all the simulations selected, and this will indicate very clearly which simulations are best to express certain competencies. Some simulations are more effective for specific competencies and some are useful for evaluating all the competencies.
Example of a chart
The chart is for the
position of the
member of the
management board.
The x's mark
the simulation's
(interview etc.)
suitability for the
required (eg. strategic
thinking / leadership).
The benefit
Using the chart, you are able to determine which simulations you will use in the assessment center as well as draw out and organize the execution of the assessment center comprehensively.
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